Why America Needs to Be on Your List of Countries for a Gap Year

Life can be hard and we’re rarely ever given a break. We are born, spend the young half of our lives in education and the latter part is purely just work. The grown-up part of life is a horrible paradox; we go through a cycle of stress and enjoyment. This is why it’s very important to cherish the good times you receive in life, which is the reason why taking a gap year in America should be on your list.

There’s much more to the States than corporate America or Hollywood. It’s hard to comprehend just how diverse the country is. From New Yorkers and Native Americans, Hawaiians and African-Americans to San Franciscans and Alaskans, the variety of cultures and ethnic groups are incredible. The country is a fantastic hotchpotch of communities, many with different languages and dialects, food, music and art. Because of this you will learn a lot about yourself. Whether you’ll be working throughout this gap year or just travelling you’ll see a new side of America that’s not seen on the typical media representations. After travelling, you will gain a better understanding on democracy and serenity and where ever you call home, you can take that back with you. But before you take anything back home, make sure you sort out your visa with ESTA visa, with the ESTA USA travel service; you’ll have the best chance in regards to getting through immigrations and seeing for yourself why this country is one you should spend your gap year on.

Working opportunities

The United States has will give you everything you might hope for in regards to a gap year. However, you might need to find some work to get you by over the year and America has some fantastic opportunities to earn you that extra pocket money:

Summer camps are a perfect and rewarding employment opportunity; you can live rent free in some beautiful locations whilst making a different in your camper’s lives. Au Pair is an amazing chance in enhancing your childcare experience, you’ll earn over 10,000 dollars and there are additional perks too. Ranch Worker, where you’ll get to experience life as a full time rancher in the American Rocky Mountains, these jobs are only small portion of what you can do in the land of opportunity.

Everywhere is like a new country

Whether you’re heading to the west, east or central- everywhere in this large country has something different to offer. You could be swaggering down the Manhattan skyline and then when you hit Santa Monica you’ll be surrounding by palm trees and powering sunshine. America probably has the best road trips the world has to offer, Route 1 takes you down a beautiful costal road where, maybe take the famous Route 66 or the visually beautiful monument valley route which will leave you breathless.

Needless to say, once you arrive in America, you will realise that the excitement is endless and you will learn more about yourself and a number of different cultures

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