Victorinox Mobilizer Expandable Wheeled

Aside from having a father who simply loves to explore the world, literally, it feels like adventure and exploration already runs through my blood. Apart from my ever-trusted rucksack, I’m also in the search for a sturdy and reliable luggage that can keep up with my busy lifestyle. I’m not the person who wants to have something from all brands; I’m the type who wants to stick to one brand, one item, period.

You might guess that it’s next to impossible since all items have their own, unique features – well you’re wrong. I found a luggage that I’m really proud of – the Victorinox Mobilizer.

Blueprint and specs

Best set of features ever

You read that right. As far as I’m concerned, and after scouting for a decent luggage about a week or so, this is the best that I can find. It has a Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program that helps you find the luggage just in case you lost it. This is very useful especially if you’re unfamiliar with the airport of a particular country. The Victorinox Mobilizer is also under the Carry with Confidence Guarantee. This covers the manufacturing defects of the item as well as the damages caused by common carriers like taxis, airlines, cruise ships and trains.

This expandable luggage comes with a YKK Racquet Coil self-sealing zipper for a more airtight closure and a Travel Sentry Approved Lock that secures your luggage and at the same time, allowing the checkers (the TSA Screeners, particularly) to check your bag without destroying it.

Item built

Now onto the luggage built. The main part of this baggage that I love the most is its aircraft-grade aluminum handle. It comes with a comfort grip and can be locked in three different positions. Now that’s the perfect answer for travelers of all heights. Victorinox Mobilizer expandable luggage also comes with 80mm inline wheels for a smoother and more stable rolling. As what its name says, this baggage is expandable of up to 2.5 inches. That means an extra 29% of packing capacity.

As from the pockets, it also acquires the usual stash pockets for you to access important items easier. It also has a sizable front compartment that I often use for my books and writing materials like journals. Such pocket can also carry a maximum of 15.4 inches laptop.

Peek in the interior

The inside of this luggage is comfy enough for your clothing. It has padded, adjustable compression straps that will keep your clothes tucked in. A set of mesh zippered pockets inside is also present for your garments or small, delicate items.

Where it can be improved

Although it is under the Carry with Confidence Guarantee, some people don’t just consider it enough. Nothing can still beat the lifetime warranty and I just wish Victorinox Mobilizer also comes with it. Apart from that, all specs and features of this travel are next to perfect.

Product variations

Victorinox Mobilizer 22
Victorinox Mobilizer 24
Victorinox Mobilizer 27

Victorinox WT 27
Victorinox XL Collapsible Gear



Final verdict

Have you noticed that this item almost has no disadvantage? Well of course, that still depends on your needs and preferences but for me, this is the perfect luggage I can ever find. It comes with all specs I need and even more. The warranties and other programs covering the Victorinox Mobilizer are also enough for me. And lastly, its price range is ideal for all individuals – not too cheap nor too-overpriced; just what I ‘m looking for. Indeed, this is something worth saving for.


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