Victorinox Luggage Altmont 3.0 Vertical-Zip Laptop Backpack

You don’t have to be techie to own a laptop. In fact, this is considered as an essential by most people, aside from mobile phones and tablets. Alongside the ownership of a laptop is the responsibility of taking good care of it and this is where laptop bags and backpacks come into the picture. On my part, since I have a sizable laptop, specifically 17 inches, it’s a bit of a challenge to find a bag that can keep it safe and sound and can also house a couple of folders, papers and documents, as well as a tablet.

At the end of the day, I chose the internet as my main source of information since searching in malls isn’t as reliable as it was before. Luckily, I found Victorinox Luggage Altmont. This vertical-zip laptop bag is the ideal backpack for my needs and my lifestyle.

Main features

Compartment and pockets

The main compartment of Victorinox Luggage Altmont can carry up to 17 inches of laptop. This is a padded pocket hence; you don’t have to worry about your lappy being damaged easily. It also has another pocket, which is equally padded and is intended for other gadgets like tablet, Kindle, or any other forms of E-reader. This compartment can hold up to 10-inched gadgets.

The full-length zippered mesh pockets complete the interior design of this backpack.  It helps you organize everything – from wires, extra batteries, to USBs and external hard disks. It also has enough pen slots just in case you feel like writing, and key fob that will definitely come in handy.

Exterior design

As for the outside, the Victorinox Luggage Altmont is equipped with all essential storage slots and best materials. Let’s start off with the bag material which is 1260D Ballistic Nylon Performa Plus. This is known as a sturdy and durable material that is meant to protect highly sensitive items. The exterior blueprint includes a vertical zipper in front. It also acquires a multi-purpose zip-away side pockets that are fairly sturdy and stretchable. This is perfect for water bottles and energy drinks.

The back panel is highly considered as the most crucial part of most backpacks – regardless of what type. With Victorinox Luggage Altmont, you can take advantage of compression-molded back panel. The shoulder straps also follow the same system, providing you extra comfort when carrying the bag for long hours.

Other vital factors

I should also command the sternum strap of this item as it is adjustable for maximum comfort. It can be purchased in 4 different colors – black, gray, red, and navy. Its weight of 1 kilo and dimension of 13×19.25×7 inches are two other factors that all buyers should pay attention to. Some laptop bags out there are already heavy, what more if we’ll pack in our gadgets.

Where it can be improved

However, just like any item, the Victorinox Luggage Altmont also has its share of drawbacks. My concern would be the price. Most of it can be purchased at around $100 and if compared to other similar items, many consumers may think that this is a bit over-priced . Nonetheless, you can just have the features cover and justify the price.

Product variations

Victorinox Slimline Laptop Backpack
Victorinox Flapover Monosling
Victorinox Deluxe Laptop Backpack



Final verdict

If you want to keep your laptop and other gadgets safe, especially when travelling, this is the best item you can purchase. Why? Because so far after about 5 times of using it in three different places, it has worked well for me. I just can’t wait for the next major travel when I’ll be able to use my Victorinox Luggage Altmont 3.0 again.


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