Victorinox Avolve Expandable Wheeled Carry On

Vacations will never be complete without travelling – that’s how we do it in our family. Growing up in such a way, I though I already know everything about it. The do’s and don’ts, must’s and must not’s, but I was wrong. My two-country expedition last year with my colleague made me realize I have to take a few steps back and remember the proper way of packing things; and by proper way, that includes choosing the right bag.

Trusty me guys, a backpack sometimes is just not the right bag to use. Good thing I found a high quality luggage like Victorinox Avolve. Although I ended up purchasing abruptly, it’s way better than not purchasing at all. Here are the main reasons why I chose that brand.


Specs and features


Because wheeled carry ons are meant to be “wheeled” literally, they should be flexible enough to go in all directions. Of course, not all luggages have this feature, but my Victorinox Avolve is not one of it. This carry on offers a 360 degree maneuverability that allows me to twist and turn it any which way. It’s also sturdy enough to keep up with rough terrains – a perfect feature for travelers who are always unsure of their itinerary. It also has a four-wheel castor system, making it extra ordinary. This enables you to travel and walk around without dealing with the bag’s weight.

Design and built

Another factor that I must command would be the Victorinox Avolve’s packing space. It provides you the maximum amount of interior space which is perfect for people like me who simply love to bring tons of stuff when travelling – though I’m not even sure if I’ll be using all of them. This wheeled carry on also has a bottom, side and top haul handles that ensures the entire luggage and everything in it are well-compressed. My 17″ laptop fits perfectly in the front pocket but if you have a bigger lappy, you can use the extra 2″ expansion zippered in front.

The tri-fold compression straps inside lessen the wrinkling of the clothes and securing everything inside. It also has an attach-a-bag strap that helps secure an additional carry-on in front. This strap can also be removed if not in use. Since it’s made from 1500d tedeolen fabric, it is guaranteed abrasion and moisture resistant.

Small items

The Victorinox Avolve also includes a detachable ID tag and travel sentry key lock. With a dimension of 9.5 x 22 x 14.5 inches and a weight of about 9.5 pounds, that’s something perfect even for medium-sized individuals like me. Last but definitely not the list, it has a lifetime warranty!

Where is can be improved

Improvement points for this product can focus on the garment bag inside. Yes it is useful and yes it is secured by a zipper. However, its size can be improved as it is too narrow for garments, unless you’re only having a 2-night trip.

Product variations

Victorinox Avolve 20
Victorinox Avolve 22
Victorinox Avolve 26

Victorinox Wheeled Companion Tote
Victorinox Werks Traveler




Overall review

If you’re having garment concerns then better slip in another mini carry-on, but for me, this Victorinox Avolve is the best luggage I can find. It fits its purpose well and so far, it’s been working for me despite all the difficulties I put it through such as over-exposure to heat and snow as well as travelling on rocky paths. Now that’s how a real travelling luggage should be.


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