Vango Platinum Wheeled Cabin Travel Luggage – Black, 40lt Review

My wife and I will be out of town for about a week and we’re looking for a luggage that will fit both our clothes. I know it’s a bit impossible but for us, yes it is. I don’t really bring too much and she has an impeccable talent with folding clothes. Nonetheless, it’s still not easy to find a luggage that can carry in clothes, a couple of travel necessities, 2 DSLR cameras with separate lenses, and it should not look bulky and should not consume much space. Tough qualifications, right? But the Vango platinum wheeled cabin travel luggage made it possible.



Amazingly spacious

Oh yes, this product amazed me so bad I thought I bought the wrong item; but the receipt told me it was the right one. Its capacity of up to 40lt feels underestimated and I think our entire baggage is more than 40lt. Everything inside is quite easy to access as it has a wide front panel that enables you to reach in the main compartment. It also comes with content straps that are of great help, especially in our case where we need to make separations inside – clothes, cameras, travel equipment, etc. Such straps also help in compressing the clothes or technically anything you put inside it.

There’s also a large zip organizer in front. This is where we placed our pertinent papers since we’re off to a business trip. I also used this once for on out of country trip and had the pocket as my passport nest. That’s not really a great idea though since the front pocket is too deep to immediately reach my passport.

Essential aspects

The Vango platinum wheeled cabin travel luggage comes with a two-wheeled chassis, making this a reliable and stable luggage. Its extendable handle is yet another advantage. Although most luggage come with this feature, it’s still different to know that its handle is not wobbly and its lock for the extension feels soft yet durable. The lockable kissing zips are yet something to highlight; add to that the reinforced edges – this is indeed a great deal.

We’re not yet done. I still haven’t mentioned that the Vango platinum wheeled cabin travel luggage comes with a small front zip pocket where I should have placed my passports. Its zipper is robust, nothing to worry on that. The product also comes with an ID sleeve and a grab and handle base.

Where it can be improved

Although I love the sizing of this item, both the inside space and its size for a cabin luggage, I was a bit disappointed when I realized this is actually 60cm tall instead of 55cm. There have been some reviews that also mentioned Ryan Air rejected it. Anyways, this isn’t really that big of an issue; just contact the airline to ensure you have all information you need with regards to luggage.

Product variations

Vango Platinum 60 Roller Wheeled Travel Luggage
Vango Planet Challenger 40 Travel Luggage
Vango Overnight Case


review-1 review-2

Overall view

With all the positive aspects of Vango platinum wheeled cabin travel luggage, who can say this is not worth the buy? At a retail price of £35, this is quite a bargain. An affordable cabin luggage that can carry so much for how it appears; now that’s something to value. I’d also want to mention my wife and I have already been using this Vango luggage for about a year and a half already. We both have individual travels and we share only one luggage. Just imagine how this Vango can get stressed but lucky us, it’s still surviving until now. Talk about sturdiness!


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