Vango Dart 200 Tent Review

My nephews and I were planning a camp out trip for summer. I’ve been waiting for this and finally, everything was set. They have their own tent and we needed one more for me and my son. It was a long search since I’m not that knowledgeable about tents and outdoor equipment. One of my nephews came across Vango Dart 200 Tent and after checking their website, I knew that the tent he suggested was the ideal one for me! Now, we’re been using it every summer and sometimes, on long weekends and it never failed to provide us comfort and safety.


Product features


The pitch area of this tent is about 230x180cm and its pack size is about 63x63x5cm. Now that’s just the appropriate size since we have to pack other belongings. According to the item’s label, it has the capacity of 2 persons but if kids will use it, 3-4 can fit. It’s quite sizable inside and although it only has one room and one door, its compact design is not a hindrance to comfort when sleeping. The highest point of the Vango Dart 200 Tent is at 105cm and I would want to command the hydrostatic head of up to 3000mm. Now that’s just terrific! With a weight of 3kg, there’s really no hassle to bringing this item on long walks and even outdoor trekking.

Materials used

I should say I was really happy when I knew that the flysheet of this tent is made from Protex 3000 polyester embossed 70D. The material is pretty sturdy and tough but also soft enough at the same time. The inside of the Vango Dart 200 Tent is made of a breathable type of polyester and the groundsheet is made of polyethylene 10,000HH. Now that’s a handy material to be spared from the cold, damp ground. It also spares you from the creepy crawlies that might want to visit you at night. As for the poles, you might be astonished that a small tent like this has Powerflex fiberglass poles!

More features to love

The pop-up design is simply perfect for me since I’m not that knowledgeable about tents. Yes, I’m having a hard time putting up the traditional tent hence; pop-up designs like this of the Vango Dart 200 Tent is very useful. The pre-installed inner pockets are also quite useful for keeping pertinent items and the lantern loop is something we often use. This product also comes with its own circular carry bag that you can easily wear like backpack. Fully tested against wind and rain, this item is indeed, worth the buy.

Where it can be improved

So far, I haven’t found any improvement points for this. My nephews have already used this as well and they did not complain about anything. Perhaps the tip I can say is to check the item immediately after purchasing it. If you’re also unfamiliar with such items, check it and be sure it has all the features and specs you need – which is a big YES on my case.

Product variations

Vango Dart 200 DS

Vango Soul
Vango Atlas
Vango Ark

Overall review

A small, compact tent which is easy to use, easy to set up and easy to put away – who would think that this is not worth purchasing? Vango did a great job again with this item. I have used one of their sleeping bags and after purchasing the Dart 200 Tent, I can say they’re one dedicated company! This item only costs about £35, a real bargain, indeed!


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