Vango Atlas 200 2 Person Tent Review

I have finally made the decision to propose to her. When I first introduced what real camping out is, my girlfriend immediately fell in love with nature – with my lifestyle. I bought the Vango Atlas 200 2 Person Tent purposely for the time I would propose. I wanted everything to be perfect and my old tent just seems to be too old to create a perfect night. And now, I’m writing this review just after we used the Vango tent again, this time for our first year anniversary.

Features and specs

Appearance and material

What I first want to command would be the size of this item when packed. Its indeed one of the most versatile tents I have used and its pack size is amazingly small at 41x15x17cm. With it, I can carry all our baggage and still manage my way through the woods or to the river without getting too tired or looking too overloaded. Once this is set up, the inside is quite spacious than how you might think when looking on the outside. I just can’t imagine how Vango created a small-looking tent, spacious inside. This product comes with PowerFlex fiberglass poles hence, there’s an assurance it’s sturdy and won’t give out easily.

Its fabric is proven fire retardant – talk about safety. And I also love the fact that it’s actually easy to set up with the help of the pre-attached guylines. A great combination of the reinforcement points, taped seams, and reflective webbing makes the whole Vango Atlas 200 a great buy; definitely worth the price.

Comfort in all angles

Because of how this item is designed and the materials used, you’ll surely be comfortable using it. Vango Atlas 200 is designed with an inner first pitching and ring and pin system. The flysheets are made from a strong material called Protex 2000 polyester. I should also command its heavy duty pole sleeves that are literally heavy-duty but sleek in design. The mesh vents come with rain protection flaps. Inside, you will surely appreciate the breathable fabric that is used. Outside it looks totally closed but the inside is not that hot. Both the door and the roof have part mesh and a lantern loop is also installed; and did I mention the product has two doors?

The groundsheet is made with Polyethylene 10,000HH for better comfort but also for safety purposes as it come with fire retardant system. Inner pockets are present, which are also useful at some point. The total weight of this item is at 3.25kg and it also comes with its own handled carry bag, what more can you ask for?

Where it can be improved

So far, we haven’t found any improvement points for this item. Perhaps all we can suggest is for buyers to be mindful about the size. Bear in mind that although this is declared as a 2-person tent, you still have to ensure that the two people who will use this would fit perfectly.

Product variations

Vango Soul 200
Vango Aura 200
Vango Pop 200


review-1 review-2

Final say

Because it made my day of proposal successful, and because it made our first year anniversary a perfect one, I would rate the Vango Atlas 200 with 5 perfect stars. The price of £53-£55 is a great bargain! The quality is impeccable and everything about this is simply perfect for us. now that we’re welcoming a new member of the family, perhaps we’ll look for a 3 to 4 person tent, but there’s no doubt, we’ll still go for Vango!


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