Tuesday Traveller: Marcello Arrambide – Wandering Trader


Tell us where you’re from and what would you recommend we do there?

I was born in Merida Venezuela and I would recommend that everyone visit the city because it not only is one of the most scenic cities in the country, it is also the safest. It hosts the longest cable car in the world and also the highest peak in Venezuela. The people are great and since there are so many colleges and universities around you can find great parties for someone of any age. Would highly recommend to see the surrounding areas as they hold breathtaking beauty.

Do you prefer to travel solo or with a friend?

I prefer a little of both, it really depends on what mood I am in. Sometimes I like to travel solo because it allows me to stay mobile but when you travel with someone else it holds you down. I always love to travel with like minded people that love to do what I do. I just recently came back from both South Sudan and Somaliland which many people do not have on their wish lists. If I met someone that wanted to join me, especially since I got arrested in South Sudan, they would be my travel partner forever!

If you could set up a Hostel where would it be and what unique features would it have?

Medellin, Colombia hands down. Since I am a day trader I was actually seriously looking into opening a hostel there as well as a day trading center. The weather is perfect year round, the people or warm and kind, the women are beautiful, and it is not that expensive. I would have a two story hostel with a pool in the middle with some kind of rope swing or tube slide. If I ever were to build my own house I would always want a pool in the middle psycho enjoy it year round.

Scuba or Sky Diving?

Since I have never been skydiving that would definitely have to be my pick, I have been scuba diving in four different continents so skydiving would be a great change pace.

What type of traveller really bugs you?

Obnoxious people that don’t have any respect for anyone else. I have been to many places where somebody wanted a unique picture because not take it because there were so many people in the way. If everyone worked together everyone would be able to take any picture they want or do whatever they want. The ignorant obnoxious people ruin it for everyone.

What camera do you take travelling with you and why?

I always travel with two of everything; two cameras, to cell phones, and I even used to travel with two laptops until it became a real nuisance. I highly recommend anything by GoPro and I have seen many people have problems with Canon point and shoots. If you’re going to consider buying a point and shoot camera I would highly recommend Nikon, I use a Canon SX 210 IS which provides a great combination of point-and-shoot size with advanced functionality.

Have you had any brushes with border patrol/police/security/government officials?

I was kidnapped in Venezuela but not by police, it was locals. And I also was arrested and detained in South Sudan for taking pictures ironically. Both were terrifying, but after the fact their great story to tell others.

If you would like to know more about Marcello you can find him on his travel blog, WanderingTrader.com. You can also find Marcello on Facebook and twitter, don’t forget to send them some virtual chocolate chip cookies.

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