Tuesday Traveller: Jayne Gorman – Aussie Lover

Up this week is 27 year old Jayne, a London based blogger who set up a blog with the intention of visiting and blogging 40 countries before she hits 30. With 3 years left to go and 10 more countries left to blog, we think she can do it!


Where did you go and how old were you when you lost your backpacking virginity?

I lost my backpacking v plates in Brazil when I was 22 (Rio was my first stop on an 8 month round the world trip) but took my first trip without the parentals to Cyprus when I was 16.

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever slept?

In a donated tent, on a beach, on the other side of a dense jungle, on Isle Grande, Brazil. We hiked there to join a beach party with the locals and when we realised it would not be sensible to hike back a stranger donated his tent.

What’s the best tour you’ve ever done?


I’m generally not one for an organized tour and try to avoid them where possible but there are some places where it just makes sense to do it with a professional. Top tours which spring to mind are hiking the Inca Trail with G Adventures, visiting the Dharavi slum (of Slumdog Millionaire fame) with a local tour guide in Mumbai and likewise visiting the slum from City of God in Rio with a resident. I have also just returned from an epic tour to the Red Centre, Australia with Intrepid Travel – our guide was studying a master’s in Aboriginal Culture in her spare time and was literally a fountain of knowledge.


Scuba or Sky Diving?

Shall have to say Scuba as I have jumped in New Zealand but am yet to do a deep sea dive.

Even on a budget we all have a luxury vice, what’s yours?

I have way too many luxury vices but the top one would have to be bubbles. Sometimes you just get bored of beer and an occasion calls for some champagne bubbles, even if this ruins the backpacker budget.

What book are you planning on taking with you on your next journey?

For a social media gal I am seriously old fashioned when it comes to books. Novels, guides, maps – I prefer all of them in print. It feels safer somehow. On my next journey you can guarantee I will have all 3 of the above, plus more.

In your opinion, what do you think is the sexiest nation?

Sexiest nation? Humm, I suppose it depends who you are talking to/looking at. Right now I am going to say Australian because I am dating one!

Jayne is an award winning travel blogger and Social Media Manager for gapyear.com. Her website 40before30.com is about her desire to visit and blog about 40 countries before turning 30 and won her the title of Travel Blogger of the Year at the British Travel Press Awards 2011. Find out how Jayne is doing on her challenge via twitter @jayneytravels or facebook.

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