Tuesday Traveller: Candice Walsh – Believe in your dreams

Candice Walsh is self-proclaimed Professional Experience Collector and inventor of job titles that don’t make much sense. She’s an editor at Matador Network and the MatadorU Lead Writing Faculty. Check out her blog, Candice Does The World.

Candice Walsh

Where did you go and how old were you when you lost your backpacking virginity?

I was 21, and I studied in England while jumping off to other countries on the weekend. My flight to England was the first time I had ever left my home province, and my first time ever flying. Bit of a late bloomer, really.

What one thing have you seen on your travels that’s blown your mind?

Machu Picchu, Peru. The energy there made my whole body vibrate. I remember standing on a rocky ledge overlooking the site, and bawling my eyes out when the clouds parted and the whole place opened up to me. I mean, I cry over a lot of stupid shit, like being too hot in Montreal. Today I cried over my book being eaten by the dog. But Machu Picchu…Machu Picchu made me cry the hardest.

What is the most epic bus journey you’ve experienced?

A bus I took once from my hometown to my current town of St. John’s. It’s a quick drive, but I somehow ended up next to a guy who didn’t shut up. I had my earphones plugged in hoping he’d ignore me, but nope. Hours upon hours of endless chatter about nothing in particular.

I bet you were expecting a 85 hour bus ride through Argentina or something, right? Damn.

Fear Factor: Would you rather jump off a building or eat something really nasty?

I’d rather eat something nasty. Unless it has eight legs or more, or squirts ink. Then maybe I’d consider the building thing.

Even on a budget we all have a luxury vice, what’s yours?

A fancy hotel room every now and then. I value my sleep above all, and I really suck at it. If I don’t get some good shut-eye, I’m a goddamned wreck. You should see the bags under my eyes.

What book are you planning on taking with you on your next journey?

I have Wayne Johnston’s “The Custodian of Paradise” with me right now. He writes a lot of historical fiction about Newfoundland, and he’s my favourite author. I want to be him.

In your opinion, what do you think is the sexiest nation?

I totally have the hots for Russians. That no bullshit attitude and all those flashy guns makes me melt.

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