Travelproof Travel Lite Sleeping Bag Review

Whether you’re a first-time traveler who’s been searching for the best items for your future journey, or an old hand who has been through a lot of travelling and outdoor experiences, this review will surely be of great help. I’ve already been through a lot of trouble with my own outdoor journey, and although travel buddies are willing to help, it would still be a lot better if I was able to perfect my past journeys. This led me to shopping for reliable items like the Travelproof Travel Lite Sleeping Bag and sharing to you guys how astounding this product is.

The Travelproof Travel Lite Sleeping Bag is, for my part, the best sleeping bag in the world. As an outdoor traveler for almost 3 years now, I have been through various ups and downs – from ripping my sleeping bag and tent, to running out of water, to forgetting my camcorder. That’s why I always see to it that I put quality first, above anything else when shopping for anything and everything I need.

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Product features

Snug and square

You may find it crazy that I highlighted the shape of this item; but with the long experience of outdoor journeys, I find it easy to carry square items around rather than round or in cylinder shape. They’re a lot easier to pack just in case you want to pack it in your rucksack and they’re also easier to carry around. Furthermore, the Travelproof Travel Lite Sleeping Bag also has a snug fit with the help of its compression straps. It has two separate zips, one at the bottom and one at the side, and it also acquires internal zip baffles. Now that’s just awesome for a sleeping bag!

The inside

Now onto the inside of the Travelproof Travel Lite Sleeping Bag. Basically this is considered as a “one season” sleeping bag. It is designed with one internal security pocket hence, you can securely keep anything that you want to sleep with – such as a Swiss knife for 24/7 protection or technically any pertinent item you have with you. This feature is something you should really treasure since not all sleeping bags and sleepers acquire it.

I would also want to highlight the materials used to fill in the Travelproof Travel Lite Sleeping Bag, making it very comfortable. It is filled with a combination of two exceptional materials that result to high quality output – the uattro hollow cored fibre and ultra fine fibre. These are two synthetic yet premium items that result to the birth of Insul Thermo. Since they’re bound together without the help of resins and purely due to thermal bonding, you can ensure that this item is 100% safe.

Other factors

Yes, there are many other factors that I love about the Travelproof Travel Lite Sleeping Bag. One would be the hanging loops that you may think are typical but if you’ll look around, you’ll realize that not all sleeping bags acquire it. I also love the fact that this item is light weight and is soft enough for me. It can also be combined with other Travelproof products that will let you end up with a 3-in-1 sleep unit.

Where it can be improved

So far, after using this for about 5 times already, I still haven’t found any negative points. The warmth, comfort and fit are all perfect for me and I love how I can easily pack and unpack the whole thing. Indeed, this is something with recommending and worth purchasing.

Product variation

Travelproof Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner
Travelproof Silk Liner
Travelproof Tropical Hammock

Overall review

The Travelproof Travel Lite Sleeping Bag is indeed something you should try. This will definitely last a long time. With a price of £35-£40 you will never regret trying it out. Maintain that comfortable sleep in the wild with this wonderful item.


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