Travel Poo: A Shit Story

I’m pretty sure that you’re supposed to grow out of toilet humour but I’ll be honest, I never have. Now before you start to worry, this isn’t going to be tales of explosive diarrhoea. No no, we’re not *that* crass here.

I’m at Heathrow Airport travelling with a friend. We’re not tight for time but it’s not plentiful either. We have our boarding passes and ALL we have to do is get to our departure gate. Sounds simple enough right? Well my travelling partner announces that he’ll “be right back”. I’m not sure if there is a definition for ‘be right back’ but one would assume that you won’t be gone long. 25 minutes later there is no sign of him and we’re running desperately low on time. So I decide to send him a text and this is a screenshot of the conversation that went down.

Travel Poo

Brilliant indeed.

It was pretty tight, a butt clenching experience and I was a little flushed but we did eventually make it to the departure gate. I had to run the whole way there, up stairs and down escalators. I hate running so not the least bit amused. Nevertheless I was going on holiday so I can’t be too shitty about it.

I wish this was an isolated incident but the toilet has got the better of me on numerous occasions. For example, on a sleeper train in Thailand I got stuck in a toilet, I tried pushing and pulling, and pushing again. Perhaps a bit of a bit of kicking maybe. Then I remember that it was a sliding door.

In Belize, I’d been warned that the toilet door was a bit “funny”. By funny they meant it didn’t work and you had to leave it slightly ajar. Well then the wind came and slammed the door shut. The door knob inside broke and I am trapped, in a toilet. I called for help for about 30 minutes. There were people camping twenty metres away and I yelled that I was stuck in the toilet. Of course, I’d been torturing these people for about three days with practical jokes so I don’t blame them for not believing me. Leaving me in there for 30 minutes though? Bit excessive. I was finally freed from my stinky prison but I shall carry the burden of those memories for many years.

So what was the point of this post on poo? There wasn’t one really but why don’t you retweet it or stick a link on someone’s facebook wall for shits and giggles. No seriously, do it or I’ll lock you in a toilet.

  • Colleen Brynn
    Posted at 05:50h, 21 October

    Hahaha! I am so sharing this! I love all the puns!!!
    I once got stuck in a bathroom on a bus in Mexico. It was horrifying… no one could hear me yelling. It took brute force to get out…

  • Steve
    Posted at 09:34h, 27 October

    Haha.. That’s hilarious indeed! I also had the a bit of a same experience with this. My friend got stuck in a toilet. We really had to be aboard then. Sadly, we missed the flight.

  • Adventurous Andrea
    Posted at 19:09h, 03 July

    Oh my god, this had me laughing out loud!

  • We Travel Together
    Posted at 17:54h, 14 May

    haha! You made me laugh! “It’s a shy one…” …and your reaction to it… hahahaha. Brilliant!

  • Gap Year Escape
    Posted at 22:56h, 25 May

    Haha nothing seems to phase me anymore. Shit happens 😉

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