Top Tips for the perfect Nile Cruise

A visit to Egypt is never complete without a cruise down the meandering Nile River. It is the best way to see the magnificent historical treasures of Egypt, comfortably and in the luxurious style of these beautiful cruise ships. As you glide down the Nile, there will be cruise boats of all shapes and sizes all around you, and you will realise that not only is cruising the best way to see Egypt, it is also the most popular way of visiting all the monuments, without having to check-in and check-out every day from various hotels.

Before you book your Nile cruise and even after you have made the bookings, here are some good tips to keep in mind, in order to have a fabulous holiday.

Choose the Cruise Ship, Carefully!
The cruise ships may look and sound familiar, but choose one that has the cuisine you enjoy. You will be travelling in the ship for several days, and it is important that the meals served to you are what you are comfortable eating. Some cruise ships specialise in catering to certain nationalities and cuisines, and some of them who are the ultimate in luxury, charge accordingly.

Drink Only Bottled Water
Water infections are common in tropical countries; hence, it is advisable to drink only bottled water. Before using the ice on the cruise ship, just confirm that it is made from filtered water. It goes without saying that washing your hands often will also help to avoid hygiene problems.

Disability Access
Most of these ships have various decks, and very few of them are geared towards providing easy access to those who have mobility problems. Also, while disembarking from the ship, you may have to go through a couple of other ships that are moored alongside, with the passages being via simple gangplanks. These are not risky but are not easy for those who find walking a problem.

Guided Tours
Most tours begin early in the morning, in order to avoid the hot midday sun. Be prepared to leave early to visit places such as Luxor; however, it really is worth the extra effort. These are amazing relics of one of the world’s oldest civilisations, and you can happily forfeit a few hours of extra sleep time for them.

Egypt is a Muslim country, so it is advisable that you wear longer-sleeved clothing and trousers as far as possible. This is not mandatory, but it is recommended that you show respect to their customs and traditions. Wear cotton clothes most of the time since you will be out during the day, a lot.

Tipping and Gratuities
It is customary to tip the staff on the cruise ship. The guide will be able to advise you on how much money you should give. The service is generally excellent and these tips are part of their wages.

Do not buy anything from the guys on boats who throw materials and clothes onto the ship. The quality is always suspect and you are likely to be ripped off with regards to prices. Buy goods only from good shops or from the store on the ship. The prices may be higher but at least you can be assured of quality and sizing.

Respect your Guide
All guides are called Egyptologists, and have to go through a degree course in order to become a professional or certified guide. They are knowledgeable and are proud of their history. Give them due respect and listen to them carefully, as they are the ones who will make your trip truly memorable.

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