Top Five Things to do in Cyprus – on a Budget

Times are tough and while skimping on expensive meals out and fancy new clothes is an accepted financial consequence, cutting out your annual escape for most, is one sacrifice too many. Indeed, with so much doom and gloom being branded around the world it would appear that holidays and long weekends away are becoming more popular than ever. While a gap year is no longer affiliated with fresh faced teens – as thirty something’s are opting to leave the rat-race for a while and see the world. So whatever your excuse, before you book that flight take a look at one budget friendly option – Cyprus – and five wallet-friendly ways to have a good time.

1. Coffee (or any other beverage for that matter) in Fikardou

The village of Fikardou has been dubbed the ‘museum village’ by many as the entire settlement is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Given this, there’s no better place to take some time out for a while and wander the tranquil streets before settling down in the village square with a Greek coffee or Frappe (icy cold milky coffee).

2. Strap on that Snorkel

Cyprus has an array of picturesque beaches, with turquoise water and inviting golden sand. The coastline stretches for hundreds of kilometres and combines gently shelving sandy stretches and deep rocky bays where snorkelers are rewarded with an array of underwater life. Assuming you have a snorkel (and these aren’t too expensive to pick up) this is a top money saving pursuit – unlike diving which will set you back around €70 for an introductory course (well worth it though, if you feel like treating yourself…)

3. Walk the Avakas Gorge

As one of the country’s only accessible gorges it’s a real treat to come and take in this section of the worlds untouched natural beauty. If driving, it will take around half an hour to walk to the gorge from the car park. Once you’ve reached it you’ll be able to walk the length of the gorge, which reaches up to 30 metres high. The walk is about half an hour if you do it without stopping – chances are though you’ll want to get that camera out a couple of times along the way as the scenery is simply stunning.

4. Join in a Festival

The Cyprians love to celebrate and there are a number of colourful festivals held throughout the year that make a great cost-effective way to spend a day or night on the island. Carnival is one such event – starting 50 days before Easter and culminating in a huge parade on Carnival Sunday. May sees ‘Anthestiria’ come into bloom with flower laden floats parading the streets. For music lover Mid-June to September is when you can catch music concerts, dancing and Greek tragedies being performed in Kourion and Pafos.

5. Go for Meze

Even backpackers have to eat so make sure at least one of your meals in Cyprus is meze. Like Spanish tapas, meze are a number of small dishes served to your table for everyone to try. You can expect to see a variety of fish and meat based dishes, hot and cold options and specialities like stuffed vine leaves and halloumi cheese. Of course prices vary depending on where you eat but a good piece of advice to always seek out somewhere where the locals go – a sure fire way to get the best food at the best prices.

Author Bio: Roberta Summer

Roberta loves exotic locations, cocktails and Japanese food. She hails from Madrid where she learnt flamenco and has since travelled extensively to explore her passion for dance and languages. She enjoys watching old French films and once played the violin for the Queen.

  • Elle
    Posted at 03:25h, 03 February

    Perfect timing, someone just suggested I look into visiting Cyprus just last week. I just Googled Avakas Gorge, it looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

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