Top 6 Best Backpacking Stoves For Camping

One of the most beneficial items during a camping trip is backpacking stoves. They’re light and reliable, while enabling campers to adhere to strict rules forbidding open fires and flammable materials. Forest fires are a major threat in backcountry areas, where they can quickly spread and consume wildlife and homes.

A backpacking stove is the solution. Canister stoves are great for the summer. They are lightweight and don’t carry any risk of spilling fuel. You can simmer food as the flame control allows this. These stoves also reach their maximum flame output quickly, while there’s no soot to deal with either.

Liquid-fuel stoves have a simple, low-profile design in addition to being suited for use in cold weather. Fuel is relatively inexpensive and the fuel level is easy to gauge. No matter the type of backpacking stove, portability is a major bonus. Easy of transport is important on any camping trip. Despite their safety, these stoves should always be used outside. Never try to cook inside a tent, for example, while all fuel lines, valves, and other connections should be checked for leaks before the unit is lighted.

Some stoves for backpacking work with twigs and leaves, eliminating the concerns of carrying fuel in your bag. Others use alcohol. When making a purchase, look at things like burn time, average boil time, and how many liters of water can be boiled given an amount of fuel, such as 100g. Today’s best backpacking stoves are designed to be efficient.

Many designs are made to be stable. You should still be sure the stove sits on the most level surface you can find. Also, the lid is there for a reason. Keep that on during cooking. With a few safety tips and knowledge of what types of backpacking stoves are available, here are some of the best ones you’ll find on the market.

Top 6 Backpacking Stoves

1. Leegoal Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove with Piezo Ignition 3.9oz

Extremely light and very affordable, this stove has a high quality construction that folds up into a protective case. There’s an adjustable flame. The stove is capable of simmering and works with any screw top butane or propane canister. A piezo ignition is a plus, although a gas base is not included. The product is really convenient to take along on a camping trip and is so light it won’t weigh down your backpack. It’s therefore a convenient choice to have if you are planning on cooking during your outdoor adventure.

2. Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove with Piezo Ignition 3.9oz (silvery stove and orange box)

This classic style canister camp stove has a rated power of 3,500 watts. It fits diversified pot gas and has convenient dimensions of around 7 x 7 x 7.5 centimeters when it’s unfolded. The camping picnic stove and box are included in the package. This dependable, copper metal and stainless steel stove features an automatic strike fire and works with isobutene. A single gas can is enough for cooking several meals and perhaps for an entire weekend camping trip. Heating vessels as small as 4 inches in diameter are supported, so you can really travel light and enjoy a savory warm meal outdoors.

3. Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition, 1-Year Warranty, Butane/Butane Propane Canister Compatible

Its portability and lightness are nearly unmatched. This is one of the lightest backpacking stoves there are, made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The carrying case it comes with enables campers to easily throw the stove in a bag and get on the go. A piezo ignition system allows for quick starts, while the valve connections are strong and enable flames to be consisting even during high to low adjustments. Accommodating a pot up to 7 inches, the stove has an output of 6.666 BTU and 1.94kW. The unit is compatible with single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters with a threaded 7/16 Lindal valve. It can be used in a wide range of outdoor activities.

4. Vango – Compact Gas Stove

Complete with a powerful 3,000W burner, this backpacking stove folds to a small size making it easy to store in a car or at home. A storage box is included with the purchase. The stove is able to boil 1 liter of water in 4 minutes. It also has burner baffles, which reduce the effect of wind on the flame and allow you to cook in a wide range of weather conditions. This stove is ideal if you have limited space in your backpack or need to optimize room for other items.

5. NuoYa005 Solid-Liquid Alcohol Burner Camp Cooking Stove Backpacking Outdoor Camping BBQ

This rigid aluminum and copper backpacking stove has a base side hold design which increases the air flow and efficiency of the product. A lid and fire cover are included. Keeping the lid closed when not pouring fuel will ensure the stove stays clean. With 100ml of alcohol, the stove will burn for a full 45 minutes; that’s enough time to cook a full meal when outdoors or during an afternoon backyard BBQ. It works easily with standard cooking utensils and weighs just 130g.

6. Douself® Portable Stainless Steel Lightweight Wood Stove Solidified Alcohol Stove Outdoor Cooking Picnic BBC Camping with Mesh Bag

This lightweight stainless steel stove weighs only 13.4 ounces, so storing it in your backpack won’t add much of a burden. It does not require fuel canisters or batteries. You also don’t have to worry about chemical emissions. Best of all, you can take advantage of natural fuel sources such as twigs. Collect your fuel and the alcohol stove will go to work. The package includes the wood stove and mesh bag, so you’ll have to find a grill and cookware separately, but the unit is easy to carry and is rugged. It suits any camping or backpacking trip where you want to cook. Also, it’s the best alternative to stoves that use polluting petrol fuels.

  • Phillip Brewer
    Posted at 07:57h, 14 October

    Hi, my fiancee and I have a six week backpacking holiday over this coming christmas and we use an alcohol stove. I’ve done a small amount of research to no avail. Could you tell me if we can pick up Meths ( or it’s equivalent ), denatured alcohol, fondue fuel or some other ethanol based substitute from where we land in Lanzarote?
    Any help you could provide would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks


  • Gap Year Escape
    Posted at 18:08h, 14 October

    Hi Phill,

    Try: Bricoland, Deiland or Mega Centro, Playa Honda. Both should have camping gear. Cannot attest to how recent this information is or how accurate.

    Best of luck,

    Gap Year Escape

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