Top 5 Tips for Choosing Travel Insurance

There is a certain mystique to backpacking holidays – one that is steeped in adventure, excitement and chance. Unlike traditional package holidays, backpacking affords travellers the opportunity to experience the world as it exists in reality. Backpacking is not about the quality of room service or walking distance to the beach; indeed, backpacking is discovery in its purest form. Venturing off the beaten track, however, presents a number of hazards. In order to mitigate the risks involved in backpacking, travellers ought to purchase appropriate travel insurance, whether it’s expensive or cheap travel insurance these five top tips are essential for selecting the most suitable type of cover.

1. Annual or single-trip insurance.

Backpackers often set out to explore the world – or at least a limited portion of it – in a certain period of time; say, for example, six months. Sometimes, backpackers wish to embark on a number of trips for shorter periods of time. It is essential, therefore, that annual insurance is chosen by backpackers who wish to enjoy an unlimited number of trips within a 12-month period and single-trip insurance is chosen by those who wish to set off on one uninterrupted experience. Click here if you want more information on backpacker travel insurance.

2. Personal possessions, money and documentation.

Careful attention should be paid to a policy’s terms and conditions pertaining to the loss of personal possessions, documentation and money. Backpackers are generally advised to travel light when exploring the world but often end up carrying a considerable amount of luggage from one country to the next. Backpacker travel insurance must sufficiently cover all lost or stolen property, including money and personal documentation, such as a passport and driver’s licence.

3. Medical emergencies.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. Backpackers ought to review travel insurance comparison websites to find a policy that provides adequate cover for all medical expenses and associated costs, including search and rescue and repatriation. Backpackers should also check that policies cover all countries and areas in which they intend to travel.

4. Personal liability.

As mentioned above, accidents can and do happen; unfortunately, mishaps are sometimes caused by the backpackers themselves. The personal liability element of travel insurance must adequately cover the cost of property damage and personal injury. Comparison websites can be used to check different levels of cover.

5. Cancellation.

Finally, it is worth noting that many backpacking adventures never get off the ground. In the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance, a backpacker should be able to cancel his or her holiday without financial penalty. Usually, the cancellation element of travel insurance covers the cost of airfares and railway fees.

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