Top 5 Countries where to Volunteer with Affordable Placement

For people who are planning to volunteer abroad, one of the major challenges is the expensive cost of placement fees. You could expect to spend around $500 for one week of volunteer placement in most countries. And that does not yet include your travel expenses in going to and from the country where you will volunteer. More often, students who have very little savings become discouraged once they know how much they would possibly spend on their trip.

Fortunately, there are now more affordable volunteer destinations. Organizations like Volunteering Solutions offer a huge range of inexpensive programs to these destinations to give students and other volunteers with limited budget to serve abroad.

Here are the top 5 countries where you could volunteer with a small budget:

1. Tanzania

There are many affordable volunteer programs in Tanzania such as the orphanage program, English-teaching program and medical internship. These programs enable you to work among some of the poorest people in urban or rural communities, or work in orphanages and healthcare facilities where additional staffs are needed for various daily works. Tanzania is also a beautiful place to explore with many natural attractions including its national parks. You could explore more as you stay longer in the country.

2. Kenya

Kenya is another African country where more volunteers are needed to participate in programs like teaching program, medical program and orphanage program. Kenya is one of the safest countries to visit in Africa and it is also one of the favorite tourist destinations for those who would like to try the safari tours.

3. Thailand

Thailand is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and night market but also for some affordable volunteer programs offered in the country. Among the options you could choose a volunteer program with elephant, English teaching to the monks, community programs with hill tribes, childcare program and many others. If you spend at least two weeks volunteering in Thailand, you could also visit some of the popular attractions the country has to offer during weekends.

4. India

India is another country where many volunteers on a budget go to. In India, you could volunteer in an orphanage center or care center for street children. You may also teach English in elementary or high school or be trained by a medical professional by working in a hospital or clinic. These are just some of the affordable programs you may consider.

5. Peru

Peru is also a great destination for students looking for an inexpensive volunteer program. And Peru really stands out as a volunteer destination because many organizations normally incorporate a trip to the Machu Picchu, a world-renowned Inca archaeological site and a World Heritage Site in the country. Among the volunteer programs offered in Peru are disabled children program, day care center program, manatee conservation program, and orphanage program among others.

If you like to avail of affordable volunteer programs in Tanzania and other countries, feel free to visit . You could also learn some insights on how the daily life of a volunteer is like.

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