Top 20 Jaw Dropping Things to do in Maldives

Maldives is one of those unique gems that makes you feel as if every moment is a postcard. White sand, aquamarine water, palm trees, hammocks, great weather and all of the other things you think of that come to mind when picturing a tropical paradise; the Maldives is it. After a stay on Meeru Island, it was not difficult to fall in love with the place. I’m getting all gushy now, but seriously, it’s one hell of a destination. Here’s the top 20 things to do in Maldives!

1. Go Diving

Image: Euro Divers

2. Drink Cocktails or Maldivian Punch

3. Watch Beautiful Sunsets

4. Take a Spa Treatment Over the Water

5. Take a Stroll Along Picturesque Beaches

6. Snorkel the House Reef in Search of Turtles

Image: Euro Divers

7. Take a Boat Trip to a Sand Bank in the Middle of Nowhere

8. Go on a Sunset Cruise and Spot Dolphins

9. Wake Up Early to Catch a Sunrise

10. Chill in a Hammock and Watch the World Go By

11. Take in the Local Wildlife

12. Chat to Friend Locals

13. Take Advantage of the Many Watersports

Image: Meeru Island Resort & Spa

14. Snap Pictures With Beautiful Colours

15. Climb a Palm Tree

16. Stay Up Late and Watch Shooting Stars

17. Walk (or Run) Around Your Island

Image: Meeru Island Resort & Spa

18. Stay in a Jacuzzi Water Villa

19. Swim in an Infinity Pool by the Ocean

20. Go Sailing for the Day

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