Thoughts on Holiday Planning

Step back a little and look at how we all lead our busy lives these days and many would agree that we are now increasingly time poor, activity and technology rich, but with an increasingly compliant attitude to risk. Not that more of us now enjoy going in for daredevil-type pursuits, but many of us now feel more confident that we’ll be able to deal with any challenges thrown at us, so don’t worry unduly about what may lay around the corner.

All these traits come into play when we go on our annual holiday. All too often we are so busy leading our daily lives that holiday planning is left to the last minute. We know that, with just a few clicks of the mouse, we’ll be presented with a bewildering array of holiday choices and once we’ve selected one, a few more clicks will complete the booking process. Most modern travel systems now don’t even require us to be sent a ticket; we can just turn up at the airport at the required time and take off for the sun.
All that convenience brings huge benefits in terms holiday choice and competitive pricing, but it also exposes a few flaws that many travellers can fall foul of if they fail to take a few simple precautions. After booking their flights, their villa or hotel, their airport parking and ordering their holiday wardrobe online, it’s understandable that some tourists consider the task of looking for online travel insurance quotes as a step too far. Insurance may not seem part of all that is glamorous about booking a holiday, but look at what might happen if it’s ignored.
The trends in technology and gadgets mean that many of us now walk around multiple high-value pieces of equipment in our possession. From MP3 players and cameras to mobile phones and camcorders the list is extensive. Not surprisingly, the cost of replacing these devices in the event of accident or theft could easily amount to a substantial sum, yet many of us fail to take even the simplest precautions.
Back home we may take good healthcare and dental services for granted, but abroad all these things can fail to meet our high expectations or we could be charged for emergency treatment. Again, faced with the need to visit a foreign doctor or dentist, many of us would feel comfortable in the challenging of sorting that out, but the associated costs could be something way out our control and, in many countries, high quality private care is expensive.
So sacrifice a few extra minutes of your time poor schedule, click a few more online buttons and sort out some holiday cover. You’ll be surprised how much more relaxed you’ll feel even if you don’t need to use that policy.

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