Things You Need For Your Gap Year

Planning a gap year can be a scary part of your life. You’re given a lot of responsibility and expected to provide for yourself. There are many decisions to make and some can have more affect than others. Plenty of opportunities await you on your gap year whether that’s voluntary work, sports gap year or just travelling to exotic locations. However, you’ll need to be prepared especially if you’ve never done something like this before.

Monkey Beach - Thailand

A Budget

A budget is vital to have on your gap year, especially if you’re not intending to work. Running out of funds while you’re abroad isn’t going to be a funny situation. It can be avoided with proper budgeting and having the funds available. Your budget will include items such as food, accommodation, travel and going out. If you get a job while you’re abroad you’ll be able to ease off on your budget a bit as you’ll have money constantly coming in.


There are many dangers of a new country and you should be well aware of them. You should also be protected from them just in case something happens. Foreign countries have different policies when it comes to insurance and they are starkly different to the ones in the UK. This is why you’ll have to ensure you have the right insurance on your time abroad just in case something happens which seriously affects you. Whether it’s late deals to Malta or a trip around the world be sure to get the proper insurance for your journey.

Visa Application

Many countries will require you to have a visa if you travel over there. This is much more likely if you plan on working there. Sometimes it’s possible to apply for one while you are over there but the process is often longwinded and much better if you have it done beforehand.

Make sure to bring passport copies as well as sometimes unexpected things can happen and cause you to be stuck in a situation you’d rather not be in.


Packing shouldn’t be overlooked when looking to travel to a new country. Their style might be different and you might be intending to purchase a lot of clothes while you’re over there but you’ll inevitably need your own necessities. If you’re going to be over there for a year then you’ll really need to think before you travel. Get packing early if you’re going to be staying for a long time because you certainly don’t want to forget something while you’re over there.


This will mainly only apply to those that have conditions which seek medical attention. However, even if you don’t need any medications it would be wise to bring some just in case. This includes painkillers, sleeping pills and anti flammatory.

Going on your gap year can be an exciting time even for the most travel hardened people. Making sure you properly prepare is one of the best things you can do for yourself. After properly packing, any late holiday deals you find won’t put you in a rush and you can get sorted knowing you’re well prepared.

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