The start of something beautiful

So far I have walked a tiger, upset a palace guard, kissed an iguana, befriended a lonely pug, seen a girl get peed on, climbed a waterfall, missed a tour bus and got followed by a lady boy. I’ve only been here a few days! Let’s start at the beginning shall we?

I’m sitting on the plane and it still hasn’t quite dawned on me that I am actually going to another country. Even when I get off and get a taxi I am still in denial. However, when you walk up the Khao San Road for the first time ever that is when you really know you are somewhere foreign!

The short tourist road houses anything a backpacker could surely want and is an ideal starting point for any visitor to Bangkok. The touts become somewhat of a cliché fast. The regular shouts include “suit!”, “fish massage” and “ping pong show”. My all time favourite has to be “happy ending boom boom taxi ride”. Lovely.

I must admit that it’s not all fun and games being a solo backpacker. Initially, it is quite difficult to get your head round the idea that you make best friends for the day and then never seem them again. Still it’s a valuable skill to develop, building instant rapport with someone. It is getting much easier. You learn fast when you’re on your own in the big bad world.

The highlight so far has to be the day just gone. A day tour in Kanchanaburi to see, among other things, the Tiger Temple. As a tourist attraction the tiger temple is morally dubious as the tigers are chained up and allegedly drugged to make them docile. Nevertheless, the fact remains that this is still a great ‘Kodak moment’.

A tiger did have the last laugh today though. One unsuspecting member of our party was walking behind a tiger when it decided to raise its tail and urinate straight into her face, open mouthed and up her nose. Outstanding.

I’ve just come back from a rather great night out. Went to the rooftop bar on the Khao San Road, which I would highly recommend. There is a live acoustic set which is one of the best I have ever seen. Spent the evening singing along to the likes of Oasis and Jason Mraz with people who are ultimately strangers but also your best friends at the very same time.

It’s just all rather strange, right mixed bag of emotions. Still through it all I can say that I am really happy.

So I will simply end with this…


  • Sasha Wiggins
    Posted at 13:09h, 16 September

    Hey Amar!!! Looks like your having a great time, i love the way you write and gives a good idea of what i should expect when I arrive on my own in the first country…5 weeks to go for me first stop KL

    will see you in sydney though for xmas and new year, its gonna be mad

    See you soon


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