The Rules of Facebook for Backpackers

There’s no denying that Facebook is a great invention when it comes to travelling. When you’re keeping friends and family updated on whatever you’re getting up to, it certainly makes it a lot easier. However, we’ve all been guilty of Facebook information overload, or know someone whose prolific updates make you close to unfriending them. So here are some ways of making sure your Facebook posts are high on the entertainment front and low on irritation.

DO keep updating Facebook on your travels…

· DO regularly upload your photos! Uploading photos regularly in small amounts means people are a lot more likely to check them out than they are to wade through an album of all your travels. You’ll also be more likely to remember where/who/what the photo is actually of. Make sure you caption them too, so that in three years you’re not looking at your photos wondering who that familiar-looking bunch are, or what made that sign so funny you had to get a picture of it.

· DON’T forget to post regular links to your blog if you have one, but also DON’T use your status as a blog. People are more likely to read your blog if the details of your day don’t appear in their news feed every five minutes.

DO indulge in a bit of Facebook self-censorship…

· DO be careful what you get tagged in! When you’re thousands of miles away, it’s easy to forget that mum can log in and see you tagged in someone’s ‘hilarious’ status, or that photo of you passed out on the beach with a willy drawn on your face.

· DON’T set the alarm bells ringing. Before you go and share the story of your latest adventure, bear in mind that posting alarming statuses for your family to read when they’re thousands of miles away and can’t help you might not be the best idea. I can confirm from experience that “Off to the Belorussian embassy for a visa so I don’t get deported again” isn’t something guaranteed to put your family’s minds at ease. Just something to think about.

DO remember that less Facebooking is almost always more…

· DO be careful who you add. You’ve made friends with a bunch of people and you want to stay in touch. Great. But adding all and everyone you meet isn’t half going to be irritating when you’re back home ploughing through statuses of people you barely remember. Similarly, if you already think that guy’s a bit of weirdo, you probably don’t want him going through all your photos. Of course, you can always just unfriend them…

· DON’T go overboard. It’s great to have photos of all the happy memories but do they all need to go on Facebook? Probably not. Your friends are unlikely to appreciate a pictorial catalogue of every meal you ate. A bit of moderation is key…

And lastly DON’T spend too much time going on Facebook and DO concentrate on enjoying yourself. You can go on Facebook at home. You can’t go to the beach (well, I can’t anyway). So make the most of being away from your computer.

Do you have any Facebook dos and don’ts? Comment and let us know!

This post was written by GYE writer Jessica Lee.

  • Nigel Clifford
    Posted at 09:01h, 03 May

    I found uploading albums of photos and writing in the notes part of my facebook every 2-4 weeks was a great way to keep friends and family up to date when I was traveling. If you end up being one of those travelers who spends all their time in the backpacker hostel on facebook then you need to slap yourself in the face and get outside of your comfort zone already

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