The North Face Trecking Backpack Terra 65

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The difference between buying a backpack from a known maker and a backpack from a less popular maker is that there is less risk in the former way than the latter. Although its not always in the manufacturer’s name,  you will be more assured that you will get a quality rucksack if you buy from a manufacturer who has already gained its popularity and people’s trust. So speaking of popular backpack makers, here is an overview of one recommended backpack from a well known maker, The North Face. The North Face Trecking Backpack Terra is a really good backpack with a lot of good features. Here are some:


Ease of use

The North Face Trecking Backpack Terra is easy to use. This backpack doesn’t have complexities in it, making it ideal for travellers with no much time to pack and unpack. The North Face Trecking Backpack Terra is simple, trendy, modern, and perfectly designed for the use of today’s busy people.


What makes The North Face Trecking Backpack Terra good is that it can support days long  travels. No need to carry multiple bags, this one alone can carry all your things for your whole vacation or trip. A 65 litre maximum capacity is more than enough for a usual baggage. The North Face Trecking Backpack Terra is definitely a travel mate.

Opti-Fit system

The North Face Trecking Backpack Terra’s Opti fit system allows a more comfortable carrying of the bag. The Opti-Fit system of this rucksack allows it to fit perfectly on its user. It is shaped and designed to fit comfortably to anybody.

Mesh channel on back panel

There is a vertical mesh channel on the back of The North Face Trecking Backpack Terra that gives a cooling effect. This does not only cools down the user, it also avoids a sticky knapsack back and a sticky user’s back. This is a really good thing for multiple ride travels and also for trekking and long walks.

Nicely designed shoulder harness

The North Face Trecking Backpack Terra‘s shoulder harness has cushions for maximum comfort. It is also very anatomical and sleek. The North Face Trecking Backpack Terra is really all that you need for a rucksack. It has all the important features of a rucksack, and it is from a trusted maker.

Product variations

The North Face Women’s Terra 45 by The North Face

The North Face Terra 65-Rc Backpack – TNF Black

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