The Emergency Assistance Plus Review

Having had a surf accident in a remote part of Australia, I know the importance and value of having extensive and comprehensive travel insurance and emergency cover. I’m not a pro surfer by a long shot but I wasn’t a complete novice either. I’d just spent three hours surfing and I thought I would catch one last wave. I’m still not sure what happened but I got flipped off and hit my head and neck on the ocean floor. I can tell you it hurt, a lot. Being rushed to hospital for a neck injury is quite frankly petrifying. We always think that it’ll never happen to us but it has to happen to someone right?

Surfing Accident

Making sure that you are protected from a medical emergency whilst traveling can quite literally be a life-saver. A smart traveler never leaves home without making sure that they are protected in the event that an accident happens.

Emergency Assistance Plus is a great product that helps pay for emergency situations like medical evacuations, medical assistance, travel assistance and assistance for companions. These emergency situations are not generally covered by your regular health and travel insurance but EA+ covers this and more.

Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) covers helicopter or ambulance emergency medical evacuation expenses to get you to the right medical facility if your current medical facility can’t treat you properly. EA+ even provides assistance for companions like a one round-trip economy class airline ticket to bring a loved one to your side in case you’re a solo traveler and required to stay in a hospital for more than 7 days, toll-free emergency message relay and a ticket home for a travelling companion.

Other Premium Benefits

It offers great travel assistance like return of your vehicle if you are not able to drive it back in case of illness or injury, no limit on emergency cash transfer, against a valid credit card, in case you lose your cash, credit cards or travelers check, lost luggage assistance, important ID replacement assistance, language interpretation services and return of deceased remains services. EA+ also provides excellent personal security services like real-time security intelligence on political situations, weather, health or environmental hazards in over 180 countries and security evacuation assistance that helps you get out of dangerous situations by arranging transportation and flights, housing and securing visas when needed. Could you be any more covered? It’s enough to ease the worries of the most doting parent.

For a low payment of $169 you are guaranteed full coverage for yourself regardless of your medical condition, full coverage for your family (for $189), 30 day risk free trial and immediate protection as soon as you sign up. This emergency travel product provides excellent protection on most emergency situations and crisis you might encounter during your Gap Year or travel. This is an important must have for any traveler who wants assurance that they will be well taken care of in unforeseen incidences during their travels. Currently, Emergency Assistance Plus is only available for US citizens, but will cover you internationally.

Interested in finding out more? Check out Emergency Assistance Plus for more information.

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