The Balearics: Magaluf Stylee

Beth from Beers and Beans set a challenge: describe the perfect 24 hours on a Balearic Island. It’s a rite of passage as a British citizen to do some sort of ‘party island holiday’ at some point in your life and so I thought it would be totally appropriate to do a feature on Majorca (more specifically Magaluf) through the medium of dance. I’m kidding. I’ll use images.

It is tempting to set an exact “timetable” for the 24 hours but as with any holiday when you’re young, you think you’re the master of most things, including time. Thus I will keep the suggestions fluid and you can fit them in to 24 hours in any way you think best to create that magical 24 hours…


Pack a beach towel that shows your interests. It might be a conversation starter on the beach.


Go into tourist shops, try on everything, look like a moron, take pictures but never actually buy anything.


To ensure you get enough culture, read as much material as possible such as the underside of a draw that has misspelt messages on. I’m sure “Dannys Mum is Hotz” is a very insightful and well thought out comment.


Pout whenever a camera is near you, even though you probably have an ok smile.


Have a water fight and play to win… like a boss.


Admire the incredible architecture and design that goes into sand castles on the beach. For example check out this 3 inch high sand house.


Give everyone you meet a friendly pat on the arse. You know, just to say hi.


The billboard says it all really.


Try not to get too excited about Crazy Golf. Case in point, my female friend here.


Accidentally walk into a street parade that involves devils holding giant sparklers.


Try and be active while you’re on the island. It’s not all about wheelbarrow shots you know.


Even though there’s a lot of bars and clubs, you’ll probably have the best time playing on the swings.


In the mid AM, find a karaoke bar and sing really badly. To complete the effect, know none of the words.


Finally, ladies and gentleman, just don’t take it all too seriously! Dress up, relax, have a laugh and most importantly, think about your girl:guy ratio. Sausage anyone?

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