Tantalizing Tanzania; a true African Gem

A trip to Africa will always take a shed-load of planning, but if your destination is Tanzania, you will have to pull out all of the stops in order to make sure you see absolutely everything that is on offer.

In addition, careful planning ensures you are not disappointed with your choice of lodgings; accommodation in Tanzania can vary from lavish five star hotels, to a tent in a field. Camping guarantees a ‘real’ experience of Africa, but it isn’t for everyone! I chose to stay in a bungalow situated on the coast of Zanzibar, which came in at the tidy sum of $54 a night. Undeniably, brilliant gap year prices. So in keeps with the budgeting backpacker theme, here are my top three things to do in Tanzania:

Experience the Beaches

If I fell out of my bungalow door, I literally would land in the sand, hence why I spent a lot of time of my visit to Tanzania exploring the beach. The beach I was situated on was Bewjuu, abundant in glimmering white sands and exquisite palm trees. Although aesthetically beautiful, the best thing about this beach was its scuba diving opportunities. Zanzibar is brimming with the most gorgeous reefs begging to be explored. Be sure to bring your own snorkel though; this can save you pricey hiring costs.


The Jewel of Tanzania, a must see and a destination within itself: Mt Kilimanjaro. In all its majestic glory, Kilimanjaro was always a coveted sight for me and I definitely was not disappointed. For anyone who wishes to ascend the mountain’s peak, I would only recommend this if you were 100% committed to the idea as the experience is incredibly pricey: equipment alone costs in excess of $200. However, the photos that I took of the mountain and the Serengeti are some of the most beautiful I have ever taken, (if I do say so myself) and this was completely free.

Go on Safari

What’s a trip to Africa without going on Safari? Although Safari trips can be quite expensive, it is definitely worth the money for the amount of experiences you get. I paid $150 for my Safari experience and it was truly memorable. I saw a whole host of animals up close, including a few scary ones: African Elephants seem more enormous in their natural habitat when compared to seeing them at London Zoo…

So it is quite simple to have a cheap(ish) trip to Tanzania, be sure to shop around for your accommodation and safari packages so you have plenty to spend at the numerous markets dotted about!

Author Bio: Jade Eva

Jade Eva is an English Literature student who has read books based in all the corners of the world. But now she wants to see it for herself. From Verona to Vegas, Peru to Portugal, Jade will see it all!

  • Bluegreen Kirk
    Posted at 14:30h, 01 July

    There is just so much to do in Tanzania! I really would enjoy going on a safari or trying to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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