Summer in Stockholm

Across 14 islands and over 57 bridges, Sweden’s capital city sets up in a location other settlements can’t help but envy. While other capitals can boast of their rich history, Stockholm is relatively new. Records show its birth year to be 1252. With a name meaning “tree trunk islet”, Stockholm takes on a very outdoorsy feel. The city is open to the elements, something many avoid in winter, but embrace in summer. The best time of the year to go to Stockholm might be up for debate, but there is something appealing about the summer. The sun never seems to stop shining, even when it is supposedly nighttime. The beaches speckled about the archipelago cover in sunbathers. The museums come to life with those curious to learn a little more about this city. To do the summer justice in Stockholm, don’t miss these experiences. Grab yourself a great hotel in Stockholm from and get exploring this wonderful city.

Watch you step or step on the street art

Stockholm hosts a rather unique street art scene, one you can enjoy in the summertime for you don’t have to worry about rain, snow or wind. A number of peculiar statues scatter about town, in rather random places. The random street art is such that you might have to watch where you step. One piece features a fox coming out of the sidewalk. You might do a double take and believe these pieces of city art are creatures on the loose in the streets of Stockholm.

Go gaga over Gamla Stan

The oldest area of Stockholm, Gamla Stan is the site of the city’s foundations. Stockholm was born across these streets, which today take on a medieval tone. The medieval feeling can be credited to the incredibly preserved appearance of the Gamla Stan. This is the place to get lost in antique and handicraft stores, to dine out in an open square, especially in the summertime when the Midnight Sun is out in full force at 10 PM. Gamla Stan is also home to Stockholm’s Royal Palace and the city’s Cathedral. With around 600 rooms, you can catch the changing of the guard at the royal palace. The Stockholm Cathedral is the national cathedral of Sweden.

Art Underground

A subway station is not just a subway station in Stockholm. It is a work of art. 90 out of the 100 subway stations in Stockholm are covered in paintings, mosaics and sculptures. Over 150 artists have helped make the city’s subway spaces works of art. Stockholm’s subway designs are considered the longest art exhibit in the world, stretching around 110 kilometers.

Far from Ship Wrecked

The city’s most popular museum is without question the Vasa Museum. The museum displays the 17th century ship that sunk on its maiden voyage right in Stockholm’s waters. While the ship sank in 1628, it wasn’t salvaged until 1961. When the ship breathed air for the first time in centuries, it was still incredibly preserved. Easily one of the most popular museums in Scandinavian, you can see the ship for yourself in a darkly lit space. Informational boards tell of the whole story of the shipwreck, what life was like on board and how it was recovered from the bottom of Stockholm. Perhaps the most impressive quality is the intricate carvings so well preserved on the ship.

Stay for the Midnight Sun

In the summer months in Stockholm, the sun never seems to set, giving the city a Midnight Sun.Due to the long daylight hours, locals in Stockholm take advantage of the archipelago for which their city takes space. You can island hop from patch of land to another patch of land. Accessible and beautiful, a popular way to get a lay of the land is to go on a boat tour of the city. If you aren’t the touring type, do as the locals do and find a patch near the water to sunbath the day away.

Written by: Suzy Guese

  • Nico
    Posted at 13:10h, 15 November

    The midnight sun has to be one of my favourite things about Stockholm. It does take a while to get used to though.

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