Stockhorn Bungy: Alpin Raft Interlaken

*STOP* I can tell you that you will be tempted to skip ahead but don’t. Yes there is a clip of me screaming like a girl but please let me explain first…

Even if you’re good with heights there’s something about doing a bungy jump that will strike fear into anyone. I mean it’s not every day that you jump off a gondola suspended between two mountains over a lake. Well not normal people anyway.

On a recent trip to Switzerland I met the guys from Alpin Raft in Interlaken who invited me to try out their 134m/450ft bungy! I’ve mentioned a few times over the last couple of years that I have a fear of heights. In case you hadn’t heard I got stuck in a tree once. This was just yet another opportunity to face my fear of heights.

Someone once said they wouldn’t pay to do a bungy because the experience was over so quick. Well that person clearly hadn’t done a bungy! This isn’t like ripping off a band aid. The tension and anticipation builds up to one glorious moment, the jump. The experience here started when you arrive at Alpin Raft’s base in Interlaken. You’re greeted with a friendly beer to calm those initial nerves and then you’re off on a scenic drive to the Stockhorn Bungy.

Nestled in the Swiss Alps in the valley of Simmen is Ehrlenbach. From here you take your first gondola up the valley. As you see the valley floor tear away from you it suddenly dawns on you how high up you’re going.

When you reach the top of this gondola you’ll be confronted by the view below. Mount Stockhorn towers above you with the valley below culminating into a beautiful emerald lake.

Now hold your horses. The next stop is to get weighed and given your harness. Yes that’s right I said weighed. You jump in groups based on your weight and conveniently have it written on your hand for everyone to see. I found it quite amusing when some of the girls were trying to hide their hands!

I was in the first group that went up. The gondola chugs it way up towards the top of Mount Stockhorn and then stops half way directly above the lake. This is really happening. Not sure if it was a good or bad thing but I actually jumped towards the end. In our party were three guys who I guess could be adequately described as stacked jocks. They were giving it all the talk and bravado. As the bungy cord was prepared and we all waited impatiently, nerves started to fray and adrenaline was building. These jocks were in front of me and I could visibly see one of them shaking. Even better, it was actually a 5ft, 18 year old girl (who decided to do the jump topless) who had the biggest balls of the lot!

I watched around six people jump before me and finally I was up. It all happens so fast. I’d been so busy watching others jump it hadn’t quite struck me that I would be going out the door the same way. There’s not much time to think and that’s probably a good thing. In seconds I am attached, and walking to the edge. I just remember looking out the door seeing how far below the lake was and thinking “oh shit!”

All I hear is the words “It’s all you man” and then everyone in the gondola shouting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

Well I look ridiculous but I decided to film my bungy jump with my GoPro camera attached to my wrist. Yes you can now watch me scream like a little girl!

The adrenaline rush is immense! Combined with the blood rushing to your head there is a massive sense of euphoria as you bounce back up. After I calmed down a bit it was rather pleasant to just hang there upside down looking at the lake and mountains. You’re gently lowered in to a boat that will pick you up and take you to the shore.

One thing I will advise you is take munchies. The adrenaline will make hungry! They do sell snacks and hot dogs for after your jump. I wouldn’t advise eating anything beforehand though.

Alpin Raft has a photographer that casually hangs outside the gondola when you jump (better her than me!). She’ll take photos on two different cameras. One set as you jump out the door and the other as you fall and bounce back up. When she’s explaining how it all works listen carefully! Bungy photos are great if you jump correctly. I mean check out these examples. (Don’t get too fixated with the girls butt in the white bikini… not that I did…).

Great shots eh? You can purchase your own shots for 45 CHF. Well worth the cash for pretty memorable photos!

So what’s the damage for this. This jump will cost you 179 CHF. For thrill seekers this is a must if you’re touring Europe. Admittedly there are several sites across the world to Bungy but this is a rather unique and scenic jump. It’s well worth the money. Would I do this again? Hell yes! Maybe next time in a superman outfit….

This Bungy operates Mon, Weds, Fri and Sat at 16:15. Alpin Raft also offer a rather interesting and unique Glacier Bungy. I’ll have to put it down on my bucket list!

To book yourself on to this is easy. There office is centrally located in Interlaken.

Alpin Raft GmbH
Hauptstrasse 7
3800 Matten / Interlaken      Office  Photo-enquiry

+41 (0)33 823 41 00

This jump was sponsored by Alpin Raft. Images courtesy of Alpin Raft.


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