STA World Traveller Internship: The Lindsay Clark Interview.

Wouldn’t it be great if an international travel company gave you the trip of a lifetime, spending the summer travelling across 8 countries which includes Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil and the US? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could do all this for free? That’s right free!

As STA’s World Travel Intern programme comes back around again this year I caught up with one of last year’s winners; Lindsay Clark.

Hey Lindsay, from your blog looks like you’ve been really busy, what have you been up to lately?

I’ve been limping around the Highlands of Viti Levu because I keep kicking rocks while hiking. I’m hanging out in Fiji, trying to create a volunteer-based project for a community I’ve grown attached to: Nakavika. Who knows if it can come together or if we must reformat the whole deal, but I’ve spent the last two months trying…all while having a grand time with some fun kids.

What would be the highlight of your time as a STA Travel Intern?

The highlight was the job itself, but I could also say the lion sightings in East Africa or the sky dive in South Africa. The real thrill came when I returned to my hotel room and put together something that encapsulated the stellar country I was in. To continuously think, “I’m getting free travel” in exchange for some stories and videos…that was the best.

Your video was incredibly entertaining. Do you have any advice for this year’s applicants?

Make something you would willingly watch over and over…and as would a stranger. Don’t settle with for first video you create…let it be a first draft and make it bigger and better from there. I made 9 drafts before the final video came to be. Think about the first 10 seconds of your video and whether it would draw in someone with ADD. Use less common music that appeals to most people – get people bobbing their heads involuntarily. Remember that the position is about being an inspiration. Don’t calm the viewer down…pump them up. And by applying for the WTI, it’s implied that you love travelling. Saying it even once is redundant, and what time you have to impress the judges is vital. Don’t waste it saying things they can already guess about you.

Finally, a lot of my readers dream of travelling and never get round to doing so. What would you say to them?

Even for the weathered nomad, clicking the “submit” button or giving the travel agent the go-ahead is the hardest moment in planning a trip. You’re supposed to have that choking feeling when you think, “This could be a really bad idea.” I’ve never regretted a trip I’ve taken. I’ve regretted time spent bored.

And to reiterate what everyone says:
– It’s never the right time, so go now.
– The vast majority of the time, you don’t miss much at home.
– Travel when you’re young and can handle an Indian sleeper train car or a nasty bout of Giardia.

If you want to get more information or better yet apply, click here or check out the video below.

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