Sorrento For the Lingerer

The Romans called it Surrentum. The Greeks thought it was poison. Sorrento has captured attentions regardless of what previous residents have called her. Her beauty is undeniable, with location naturally favoring the southern Italian town. Clinging to the dramatic cliffs that lookout on to the Bay of Naples, Sorrento keeps a close watch on Mount Vesuvius, knowing the volcano’s previous record to be destructive. Getting Cheap Flights to his part of the world shouldn’t be a problem and it’s certainly worth a visit.

Sorrento was long thought to be where the mythical sirens in Greek legends lived, those who tried to entice Odysseus and his crew. The sirens were only escapable with the help of earplugs to avoid staying here eternally. The Greeks were right about Sorrento. It does have a certain poison you should hate, as it is a tourist town, but the area also provides a taste you can’t resist. Perhaps it is the location, but there is a great deal waiting to lure you to Sorrento and keep you here. The Greeks weren’t lying about Sorrento. Plug your ears or you could be here awhile.

Experience Tarantella

Sorrento’s main song and dance is known as the tarantella. In town, a number of venues put on the traditional song and dance for visitors. While somewhat of a “thing for tourists”, tarantella is an integral part of Sorrento’s culture. Sorrento Musical puts on the typical dance of southern Italy, located in the Tasso Theater. You can also catch a show at Favnonotteclub. Both show tarantella in different manners and styles. However the same message gets across, one of showing foreigners the most important stories of Sorrento and the Kingdom of Naples over the last 500 years.

Take in sunset at Villa Comunale Park

An iconic Sorrento experience comes while watching the sunset over the Bay of Naples. One of the best vantage points to see that sun go down comes at Villa Comunale Park. The park resembles more of a town square, but you aren’t here to play in the greenery. You come to Villa Comunale Park to catch the views over the water to Mount Vesuvius when the sunset turns it all lava orange, no eruption required.

Pop in the medieval cloisters of Chiesa di San Francesco

Usually on the weekends, a wedding is taking place at Sorrento’s Chiesa di San Francesco. A beautiful place indeed to get married, the church is also a nice place to visit, specifically for its medieval cloisters.

Hang out with a fisherman in Marina Grande

Marina Grande has the sort of old-world Italy feel you hope to still find in a country quickly moving with the rest of the world. Even in such a tourist town like Sorrento, the fishing harbor of Marina Grande is still very much old school. Fishermen cast out for the day from this point, as run down buildings with charm wave good-bye. A few restaurants can be found down here where you can sample the catch of the day.

Bathe in Mythology

If you follow Via Capo, you should hit the Bagni Regina Giovanni, the rocky beach right near the ruins of the Roman Villa Pollio Felix. At Punta del Capo, it is considered one of the favorite swimming spots in the area. It was once completely blocked off, serving as the private harbor for the ancient Roman Villa. The reason Sorrento scared off the Greeks can be better understood at Grotta delle Sirene. Just east of Marina Piccola and past Sant’Angello, the grotto boasts remarkable water colors. It plays on the Greek legend of the enticing sirens ruling this area. One look, and you too could find Greek legend to be a reality.

Written by Suzy Guese

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