Self-Defence For The Road: FlightHub Outlines How To Stay Safe And Recognize Trouble

Travelling abroad is generally a very valuable experience. You meet new people, see new places, and live experiences that are truly priceless. But, with travel comes the risk of also seeing the bad side of the world. While crime exists no matter which neighbourhood you are in, running into trouble on the road can be demoralizing and really knock your vacation off the rails. While there is no cure-all for trouble, there are steps you can take to reduce risk according to FlightHub, an online travel agency. Additionally, there things you need to know when facing a troubling situation.


Know Where You Are

On standard trips this should be pretty easy, but for those taking the backpacking route beyond the boundaries of normal it is very easy to lose track of where you are. According to my FlightHub review, your best bet is to plan ahead, knowing where your destination is and leaving a buffer. This means getting sidetracked won’t necessarily leave you hanging if you get caught out at night. Knowing when nightfall is coming is also important. Depending where you are on the planet, days can be dramatically shorter or longer than what you are used to. At the end of the day, it is generally dangerous to be anywhere at night in comparison to day, so keep an eye on that clock and make sure you have a plan that makes sense.

Understand Thieves

People who steal generally aren’t out to hurt you. They want your stuff so they can sell your stuff and buy their own stuff. Cruelly simple, but that more or less explains the rationale behind theft. If pressed into a situation, it’s important to recognize that the aforementioned situation is probably the case. This means you have a two principal options, you can resist or you can surrender your belongings. Many thieves who face resistance will give up. They don’t want the situation to be any bigger than it already is. If you suspect they are more malicious than your typical thief, it is best to let your stuff go and hope you purchased travel insurance. Bear in mind, this only applies if you actually catch the person in the act. Good thieves do their best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Know How To Defend Yourself

First things first, I am not a blackbelt in anything. If you want real training in martial arts and/or self-defence, you should seek it out professionally. With that said, there are some obvious pointers that are words to live by when it comes to defending yourself and your property. First things first, a criminal may try to rattle you before engaging with you. If you act confident and non-compliant that could be the end of it as no run of the mill thief is interested in getting beat up. If you are forced to defend yourself it is important to remember one rule, there are no rules. Basically imagine the last place you would want to be hit, struck, or gouged, and aim for that place. It’s important that you don’t just try to fight back, but that you make as much noise as possible. The only thing a thief might like less than getting beat up is getting caught. Yelling and screaming will certainly draw the attention of good samaritans and, ideally, the police.

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