Saving Dosh When Travelling the UK

The UK isn’t generally the most budget friendly place in the world to visit. While there is no shortage of great places to see and exciting things to do in the country, the cost and the unpredictable weather can often send travellers in search of warmer and cheaper climes.

While there is nothing that can be done about the exchange rate, you’re left at the whim of the markets when it comes to that, there are easy ways to save money while travelling the UK without making you feel as though you’re missing out.

Location, Location, Location

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world, as well as one of the most visited in Europe. While there is no doubt that the city is filled to the brim with excitement and culture, it is also filled with ways to spend your money. Everything is more expensive in London. No visit to the UK is complete without a stint in the capital, but if you want to save then you should make it short and head to greener pastures earlier. The northern cities of Liverpool, Manchester, and Newcastle are well known for their nightlife, while the cities of Chester and York offer history hounds days of entertainment. Not only will you get to save money, but you’ll be seeing more of the country while you’re at it. It’s a win, win really!

Where I Lay My Head is Home

Every seasoned budget traveller knows that the best deal is rarely offered by a hotel. Hostels are where you’ll often find the cheapest bed for the night, but if you’re travelling as a couple a private double room often doesn’t seem like the best value for money. A great budget alternative for couples or small groups travelling together is a self-catering holiday cottage. This is a really popular accommodation option in the UK, with many families spending a week or two in a cottage every summer. There are great options located throughout the country and if you are splitting the cost between a few people it can be surprisingly inexpensive. A stay in Thimble Cottage, a romantic Lake District cottage, could cost as little as £130/person for a full week in September. I think you’d struggle to find a deal like that in even the cheapest of hostels.

Food, Glorious Food

One of the best parts of travelling to a new place is the food! Trying new and delicious dishes that you’ve never even heard of can really make for a memorable holiday. The problem is that eating out at top restaurants will quickly break the bank, especially in the UK. Solution? Head to the market and stock up on top quality produce to create your own feast! Here your self-catering accommodation saves you money again. Just about every city in the UK has a local market filled with local butchers, green grocers, fish mongers, and bakers, all of whom would be happy to give you some tips on how to best serve up their wares. Don’t feel like you can never eat out though. Many restaurants in the UK have great lunch offers which vary only slightly in size from the dinner option and are a fraction of the price. A great way to have your cake and eat it too!

The UK is a great place to travel, so don’t let the cost put you off. There are lots of ways to save, you just have to be a bit creative and know where to look for the best deals. You don’t have to feel like you’re missing out just because you’re saving money. With all of the extra pennies you save you might even be able to extend your holiday, and how great would that be?!

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