SansBug Free-standing Pop-up Mosquito Net Tent Review

Bug protection for late afternoon playtime is what I’ve been seeking. Since we live in the middle of a wonderful nature area, bugs and creepy crawlies often visit our backyard. I have tried all sorts of insect repellent but they don’t seem to be enough. My husband found this SansBug Free-standing Pop-up Mosquito Net Tent and we thought it’s perfect! It has been used in different areas like Afghanistan as protection for mosquito and malaria attacks, but according to the SansBug, this item also serves as protection from any bugs and insects. Now that’s a handful for such small item!

Product features

Tent system

Literally, this item pops up all by itself in just one second, and you can fold it back in less than 5 seconds – talk about convenience there! It is made with fiber glass poles which simply means it is sturdy and flexible. It also comes with two pegs that are used to anchor it on the ground in case you’re also using it outdoors. The mesh size is quite effective and so far, not even the smallest bug has entered the tent. It’s basically sizing 1000 holes per square inch. It’s not only efficient as mosquito protection; it also spares you and your child from spiders, midges, flies, and all flying bugs and creepy crawlies.

Furthermore, this item is 100% safe since it not treated with any form of insecticide. That’s one of the main reasons why I purchased this in the first place. Its flooring is also strong enough which is made from polyethylene.

Packing and sizing

Most mosquito tents are known to be sizable, but not all are easy to pack and unpack. Again, the SansBug Free-standing Pop-up Mosquito Net Tent pops up easily and folding it back is a lot easier. In fact, there are video tutorials you can watch to learn the proper way of folding it. It comes with a self-supporting enclosure and a 2-way zip in side panels. Now that’s a great add-on to typical bug nets and tents. With a dimension of 100cm wide x 220cm long x 90cm high, it can be unbelievable that this can be transformed into a 1-inch thick disc with a width of 26 inches. It easily fits the airplane overhead, just in case you’ll bring it in long travels. It comes with its own carry case with attached handles and wearing it like a rucksack is no problem.

Variations and more

As for the variations, the SansBug Free-standing Pop-up Mosquito Net Tent basically comes in 3 different sizes. The smallest one can fit only one person and the largest can fit up to three persons. Furthermore, you can also sit comfortably inside unlike other similar items that can only be used for lying down. In fact, my 5’9 husband can comfortably sit inside our one-person tent!

Where it can be improved

So far, after 4 months of using it, we still haven’t found a drawback point. I guess it’s safe to say that the only reminder is to keep the opening fully closed when sleeping or else you’ll find all sorts of bugs inside. You should also note that this item is not waterproof hence; you should be alert when using it outdoors on cloudy afternoons.



Final say

I have to pay £40 for the safety of my children outdoors; I can say the SansBug Free-standing Pop-up Mosquito Net Tent is very worth it. The features are perfect and the fact that I can easily clean it away – nothing can beat that! Since this can be used inside and outside, it’s really a great bargain!


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