Sailing the Croatian Coast – Where to Visit on a Budget

Nestled along the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is quickly becoming one of the top ‘must see’ locations in Europe thanks to a number of different reasons that include a superb climate, some of the friendliest people in the world, amazingly scenic views of nature, a vast array of things to see and do as well as the most important thing of all, the ability to visit all of these in a cost effective manner.

With more than 1,200 islands and a total of more than 2,500 miles of coastline the differences between the North and South of country’s coastline are stunning and varied making this one of the top holiday destinations of 2017. There are a multitude of ways to navigate your way around the country with regular bus and train services as well as the option of yacht hire to sail between the multitude of locations that offer something for everyone to see and do, no matter their personal preferences.

The best part of yacht charters in Croatia is that for the exceptionally cheap cost of around €40 per day you have your accommodation and transport covered with the addition benefit of waking up on the Adriatic Sea and its stunning views to welcome you to a new day. It is certainly a personal favourite of many over public transport and the more expensive car hire options and their associated traffic issues that see them lag behind in comparison to a sailing holiday.

Whether by bus, train, car or sailboat you should visit the following low budget, yet exquisite locations in Croatia during your time in this jewel of Europe.

Brijuni National Park

This group of 14 islands and islets is perfect for fans of nature and beauty as the Brijuni National Park sits along the northern end of the Croatian coastline, close to the Istrian peninsula and the port of Pula with its first-century Roman amphitheatre. The national park is a place for nature lovers with the two main islands of Mali Brijun and Veli Brijun offering more than 700 different species of plants and 250 different types of animal in almost perfect wilderness meaning that you can really be at one with nature.

Also, should you choose a yacht charter for your time in Croatia you will be able to access the best of the Brijuni National Park that is for the most part inaccessible to the general public. The reason for this is only the island of Veli Brijun has a public ferry to gain access to the island so if you are sailing the waters of the Adriatic Sea then you’ll have peace, quiet and unrestricted access to the full wonders of this amazing area of Northern Croatia.


Brac is located further south than Brijuni National Park and this island is one of the most visited areas around one of the country’s biggest ports in Split. Brac is closely linked with the party island of Hvar but is a quieter and much less visited island favoured by those looking to get off the beaten track a little. It offers some of the best views in the whole of the Adriatic Sea with the highest mountain in this section of the globe in the Vidova Gora Mountain standing at 778 m in height. In addition to this, this dry and rocky island offers rolling hills, fig trees, olive groves and its most favoured feature of secluded bays with crystal clear waters that are perfect for scuba diving. Also, viewing the Dragon’s Cave on the south side of the island where you can visit a former temple of the Glagolitic friars from the 15th century complete with the dragon carvings that give the area its name is something that comes highly recommended by both tourists and the welcoming locals.


Located halfway between Split and Dubrovnik, Korčula is the sixth largest of the Croatian islands despite being only between four and five miles wide on average. The island got its name from the ancient Greeks who named it after it’s dense forests and the main area of Korcula Town is a must visit on the island. This town is known as Little Dubrovnik as a result of its medieval squares, churches, palaces and houses which provides you with some of the finest architecture in Croatia. The other larger towns of Vela Luka and Lumbarda offer museums, cultural highlights and some of the oldest human settlements in the Adriatic to visit and view meaning that Korčula, like all of Croatia, has something for everyone to see and do.

This island is one of the most treasured Croatian islands and, due to its location in the middle of Split and Dubrovnik, is one of the more difficult places to reach as the public ferry runs only during the summer time so for those travelling the country by bus, train or car we’d advise in securing yourself a yacht charter if you wish to visit this fantastic and timeless island towards the south of Croatia.

No matter your budget, there is excellent opportunities for visit Croatia and explore this stunning country at any time of the year, so if you’re looking somewhere both exotic, varied and European then Croatia comes highly recommended by everyone!

  • Linzi Clark
    Posted at 20:25h, 18 May

    I visited Croatia a couple of years ago and was blown away by its beauty – if I had decent sea legs I would definitely join you sailing.

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