The pre:travel guide, Your Step-By-Step Guide to Prepare for RTW Travel

The pre:travel guide is the perfect starting point for any would-be traveller’s round the world (RTW) trip. It provides a great, very accessible introduction to all the key elements of preparation vital for a happy and successful trip to new and exciting parts of the world. The pre:travel guide is a great overview and beginning the novice traveller to orientate themselves in the bewildering and endless possibilities of RTW travel which can, at first, be a very daunting and overwhelming experience. However, it is not merely a beginner’s tool, it can also acts as an extremely handy ‘top-up’ guide for the well-travelled expert. Written by Sofia and Nathan, two clearly experienced travellers, it is an uncomplicated book which achieves exactly what it sets out to: giving the future traveller the maximum number of possibilities on their RTW trip on the cheapest budget. Elements of Nathan and Sofia’s personal travel experiences lend a sense of authenticity and readability to the book giving first-hand experiences of pros and cons to future travellers and a range of encounters that the well-seasoned traveller will be able to relate to.

The best feature of this book is the snippets of information contained in the ‘TravelKnowIt’ blue boxes scattered throughout each chapter. The information contained within these boxes ranges from cost estimates for accommodation, food and transport for those seeking to travel in the ever-popular RTW destinations of Europe, Oceania and Asia; to essential hints and tips for the successful traveller. Perhaps more could be made of these sections within the book but their value is unquestionable and they cover all the key elements of preparation for any traveller seeking to maximise their RTW experiences with the minimum, cost and problems.

Of course, the pre:travel guide is not the most detailed travel book available out there. The huge range of information available for the would-be traveller and every individual planning their own personal and unique RTW trip will be looking for something different and, at times, a little more detail than this book provides on the key issues of the all-important planning of their trip. However, it is the simplicity and brevity of this book, with quick and easy links to all relevant outside information, websites and guides; that is most appealing feature of the pre:travel guide. One can imagine it as a well-thumbed and well-travelled book itself, in the backpacks (correct size and fit of course!) of thousands of RTW travellers.

All in all, if used correctly as a basic introduction -a starting-point for more in depth research – and as a quick and easy reference guide whilst on your RTW travels, then the pre:travel guide will be an invaluable aid for current and future RTW travellers. Sofia and Nathan clearly have a passion for travel and this is evident throughout the book and it is this passion, combined with their knowledge and experience which makes the pre:travel guide a very recommendable addition to any traveller’s planning process.

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Written by GYE intern Charlie Smoothy

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