Regatta Packaway II Women’s Leisurewear Jacket Review

It pays to be always prepared for any eventualities, as weather becomes really unpredictable these days and weather reports are as unreliable as with news items on the tabloids. I did a mental inventory of the clothes and outfits I owned and realized that I still have to include in my wardrobe a wet and windproof jacket which I can bring along always with ease. So, I browsed online and quite had a hard time choosing from the many brands and models available. I decided to stick with brand recognition and found Regatta Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket. After inspecting the item, I was convinced that it was a good buy. I brought it along with me from the time I received it and it took several days before I wore it when suddenly rain came down when I left home to work.


Item specifications

Protective features

The product is a ready to go outfit for you as it comes with a small bag where you can fit it in and be always prepared to tackle wind and rain. Regatta Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket has taped seams, thus, it has no small holes which serve as an entrance for water to penetrate the jacket and wet your skin. It is purely waterproof and breathable rain and wind protection wearing accessory as it is made of Isolite 5000. It is a lightweight clothing material but gives heavy duty performance as it is windproof and water proof.

Added factors

The jacket is coated with polyurethane substance to make it waterproof and does not give additional weight on the outfit making it light for you to carry and wear. Regatta Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket comes with non-detachable hood with adjustable cord for firmer coverage on your head. As such, it does not surrender quickly to strong wind.  There are two front pockets provided for personal items storage or insert your hands for additional strength to survive strong winds.

A good buy, indeed

Coming from a popular brand, you know that quality is insured and you can easily defy cold and wet weather always. Regatta Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket has provided a three year warranty on this product thereby giving you lots of confidence that it will survive the test of time even when you constantly wear it.

Furthermore, I also want to highlight that it’s pretty easy to wash. You can wipe it with dry cloth and it is ready for use again on the next wet and windy adventure. It is also washing machine friendly thus; you can tumble and dry it from time to time.

Where it can be improved

The accompanying mesh bag for storage of the jacket is not that strong. When I pulled out Regatta Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket, the tab cord of the hood got stuck and I twisted it to release from entanglement. The mesh lining where it got stuck was broken. I hope the manufacturer will replace the sac with sturdier fabric. Nonetheless, you can simply replace it with other stronger sac so that you won’t have the same problem as I did.

Product variations

Regatta Women’s Pack it Waterproof Packaway Jacket
Regatta Corinne Jacket
Regatta Joelle III Jacket


review-1 review-2

Final verdict

Definitely a must when you want to be prepared for any weather eventualities. At sale price of £29.95, I will buy one in different color to mix and match with my protective trousers. This jacket will surely add more positive impression for the Regatta brand and help it become one of the most sought after brands in the market.


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