Regatta Packaway II Men’s Leisurewear Jacket Review

I just learned that my current hiking jacket is about to give-up, the zippers particularly. After using it for more than a year, it’s now time to purchase a new one. I decided to venture on different brands and my colleague recommended Regatta. Personally, I’m not that familiar with their products although I’ve already read their brand name many times already over the internet. At the end of the day, I settled with Regatta Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket. It was an agonizing 5 days of waiting for the package to arrive and the moment the package appeared at my doorstep, I immediately tried it and it seems like the best outdoor jacket. The next thing I knew, I was very excited to use it outdoors and see what it can do.



Not your typical jacket

What’s amazing with Regatta Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket is that it looks ordinary AND costs ordinary but the moment you wear it, you’ll immediately have that sense of feeling that it is better than other outdoor jackets. That is, prior to using it outdoors. I can say that it’s because of the material of the product. it is basically made of Isolite 5000, a breathable material that spares you from sweating in. It is a part of Regatta’s clever fabric system that helps keep any product weigh less and do more. Apart from that, Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket is also built with polyamide fabric which is composed of naturally non-flammable material. With such material combination, the product is not only waterproof but also has the potential of being fire retardant.

Efficiency at its best

Aside from the appearance and the comfort, Regatta Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket is also equipped with features that not all comfortable jackets acquire. I really love how the taped seams look perfect. It does not flap unlike other jackets with weaker seams. Although it is suggested for hiking use, I’ve personally used this jacket on a daily basis going to work. It’s quite efficient in keeping me warm through autumn and winter seasons. Its integral hood is yet another aspect to applaud about. The fit is just right and amazingly, Regatta managed to create a hood that doesn’t easily come off.

Other features to know

There’s more for this leisurewear jacket! The design comes with 2 lower pockets which can help keep your hands warm. No need for the traditional gloves there; and you can even slip in few valuables without ending up with a full pocket. It’s sizable enough yet discreetly designed. The studded storm flap which comes with loop and hook add a dash of advantage for the entire item. Furthermore, let’s not forget the fact that Regatta Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket comes with its own wash stuff sack. Now you don’t have to worry about where and how you will stuff it in your fully loaded rucksack.

Where it can be improved

Although Regatta Packaway II Leisurewear Jacket seems to be perfect and all, I still have one concern left. The product claims it is waterproof but when I was caught under strong rain while wearing the jacket, I got a bit wet inside. Probably it’s safer to say water-resistant rather than waterproof.

Product variations

Regatta Matthews Waterproof Jacket
Regatta Telman 3 in 1 Men’s Rain Coat
Regatta Stormbreak Waterproof Jacket Raincoat


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Overall view

Generally, Regatta Packaway II Men’s Leisurewear Jacket is worth the investment. At a price of £20-£30, this product is fairly priced. The main functions and the materials used jive well. I should also say that I love how it fits me and although it’s just a jacket, it doesn’t give that baggy look. Indeed, I’ll be purchasing one of this for my friend who recommended the brand.


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