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In my opinion, frugality is one of the most satisfying elements of backpacking – getting shedloads of new experiences without shelling out your precious moolah at every turn. However, I prepared myself to spend a bit more money when I set sail to Prague, as someone once told me this particular gap year destination was rather ‘expensive.’ Never fear, fellow Prague lovers! This turned out to be very much untrue, as I will prove with my top five tips for a budget trip around Prague…

Wallenstein Gardens

Located just behind the Czech Senate, these gorgeous gardens boast wonderful greenery as well as a host of bronze statues of Greek gods. I’m not one for being in and amongst the crowded streets; these gardens were a welcome escape. Best bit about these gardens – they are completely free to visit.

Prague Castle

After chilling out in the Wallenstein Gardens, I was ready to hit a top tourist spot. First on the agenda: Prague Castle. Located in Hradcany, this castle is considered to be the largest castle in the world. Occupying over 70,000 square meters of ground, its gothic architecture is simply stunning. The sheer scale of the building reflects the castle’s grandeur; it has been occupied by Roman Emperors and Czech Presidents in its extensive history. A full tour of the interior costs CZK 350 (about $19). However, a day can be made by simply admiring the exterior of the building. Giving you that little bit extra for castle souvenirs…

Old Town

Prague’s Old Town is made up of old fashioned streets that wind around its ancient buildings, which gives the town a truly historic feel. I did get a bit overexcited when I found the world famous Astronomical Clock in the Town Square. Watch out for the little figure of ‘Death’ that pops out of the clock on the hour.

Franz Kafka

Alright, I do admit this isn’t for everyone. However, as a student of English Literature, I had to go to the grave of Kafka. A visit to his grave is free, making the burial site of Czechoslovakia’s best known literary figure well worth a visit for a budgeting traveller.

Prague Eating

Like any city, the best places to eat in Prague are scattered around and not located in one specific area. If you are looking to get your full money’s worth, then I would recommend going to an all you can eat restaurant. I went to a place call Ambiente Brasilerio, which had a huge range of dishes: from cold meats to suckling pig, this place knows how to satisfy a hungry traveller. However, make sure you get there before 6pm: your meal will cost CZK 495 ($30) instead of 645 ($40).

Keep it simple and there is no reason why Prague should make a big dent in your budget.

Author Bio: Jade Eva

Jade Eva is an English Literature student who has read books based in all the corners of the world. But now she wants to see it for herself. From Verona to Vegas, Peru to Portugal, Jade will see it all!

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