Planes, Trains and Full Moon Party

As I write this everything is vibrating. My bed, the walls and most annoyingly, my head. This was clearly not the place to stay if you wanted any sleep!

It was an interesting two days of planes, trains and ferries getting to Koh Phangan – The best Party Island in Thailand. Sleeper trains are quite an experience especially if you are my height. I half expected to wake up in the morning and be on a submarine. Still it’s a rather good laugh and you meet some interesting people if you go on an adventure up and down the train. One thing worthy of note (purely for its comedic value) is the toilets. Imagine being on the runaway train at a theme park. Now imagine trying to pee in a straight line. Outstanding.

It’s a right of passage for those going to Thailand to attend a Full Moon party. Having rushed to get here we left our accommodation booking in the hands of some friends who were already here. I’d heard of Paradise Bungalows before but couldn’t quite put my finger on why. It was only when I arrived that it came back to me. This was the site of the original Full Moon Party back in the 80’s and still to this day is right in the thick of things.

I’ve attempted to give a glimpse of a Full Moon Party through another video I have put together but I can’t say my camera likes the dark. Lonely Planet describes it as the “ultimate party experience” which couldn’t be more accurate. 30,000 people on a beach, buckets galore, lots of fire, bars, UV body paint, dance podiums and DJ’s spinning anything from Techno to Dance, Hip Hop to Drum and Base.

Can’t say I have slept much in the last three days. I am five metres from beach which also means I am five metres away from a rather larger sound system currently banging out a Kings of Leon remix. A slight change from the luxury Bangkok hotel I was staying in when I first landed in Thailand.

I hardly noticed dawn approaching. Even at 6am the party was still in full swing. Dotted around the beach were a few people curled into balls sleeping. Giant lanterns lazily floated off into the sky. As glimmers of soft light broke through the clouds I was being talked at by a rather drunk Irish girl who kept speaking to me in Arabic. She was surprised I didn’t speak the language. Why would I? It’s not even my parents’ native tongue! You have to love casual racism. Yup, he’s brown. He must be an Arab.

I wasn’t really listening though. Too busy watching the sunrise. Beautiful things, should stay up and watch them more often.

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