Patagonia Down Gilet Review

Last year was my first winter in UK. From a simple traveler to a photojournalist, I can say I’m really living my life to the fullest. And since I was a first-timer, I didn’t realize it would be very. Very cold – I mean, the feeling was way different than US winter. Hence, even before it could ruin my whole schedule, I immediately shopped around for a sweater vest that will keep me warm while working. A friend suggested Patagonia but since I’m not that familiar with the brand, I knew I had to be more meticulous. Today, after using my Patagonia Down Gilet for a couple times already, and almost every day during winter, I can say I was never wrong when I purchased it.

Product features

Outer material

First and foremost, I would want to highlight the quality material used for the outer shell of this item. It’s made from windproof fabric which suits a very busy person like me. Travelling calls for comfortable clothes and this item is the perfect example. It’s also water repellant – which means I won’t be bothered by the coldness of melting snow in my clothes. Indeed, a safety factor. The Patagonia Down Gilet also acquires a unique tear-safe or tear repellant outer fabric. Now that’s ideal for people like me who explores every corner of the sphere. and of course, I will never forget the impeccable Deluge DWR finish.

Minimalist design

Ever heard of a minimalist vest? if not then you better purchase this Patagonia product. the slim and sleek design is perfect for both men and women; in fact, the brand offers this giblet for both genders. with a feather-like weight, you won’t think you’re wearing a vest at all. It’s also not bulky weather worn or packed. Now that’s something not all vests acquire. Its quilt construction is well-balanced with an 800-fill-power premium European goose down. If not in use or if you suddenly feel hot, you can easily pack this item away into its own stretch-mesh internal pocket which has a carabiner clip-in loop.

Everything in between

The Patagonia Down Gilet will warm your hands with its two, zippered hand pockets. This is also designed with elastic binding at armholes. The drawcord hem that’s used to seal out the wind is fully adjustable and since this item is made from recycled polyester, you’re also taking part in making this world “greener”. Imagine how Patagonia recycles used soda bottles, odds and ends of other garments and other materials to create high quality polyester fibers used in relatively high quality items such as this one.

Where it can be improved

There’s one lacking part though – the zippers. There are zippers but they’re too small that you can barely use them with gloves. Since this is a vest, we usually pair it with gloves. However, you might need to take it off to zip and unzip this garment. So far, that’s my only concern about this.

Product variations

Patagonia Hooded Down Sweater
Patagonia Men’s Nano Puff Vest
Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater


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Final verdict

Indeed, the Patagonia Down Gilet is worth the buy, worth the investment and worth saving up. There are many vests out there but nothing can beat the specs of this item. I just love how it can be so comfortable yet so slim. Not just perfect for busy people like me, this Patagonia item is definitely ideal for all vest users out there. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, you’ll surely find one that suits you best; not to mention it’s very affordable at £95-£125 only!


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