Patagonia Drifter A/c Lace up Review

Because I’ve been using only one pair of shoes for going to work school (back in college which I just finished) and occasional hiking, I knew I had to own the best pair out there. The current shoes I have are about 3 years old already. It’s still perfect and cozy as ever but I was considering a new pair since this one is kinda outdated already. For my very first salary, I would purchase the pair I’m eyeing on – the Patagonia Drifter A/c Lace Up! I have been scouting the ideal shoes all-around shoes for me and Patagonia has it! Hence, I decided to have it as my first salary achievement. The pair is already 6 months old and I know it will last long.

Product features

Sturdy with angst

I immediately fell in love with the appearance of these shoes. The rustic color is just my taste (though it also has other colors to choose from) and everything on the exterior is obviously crafted carefully. It is designed with a Vibram Trail Ecostep outsole which is made with 30% recycled rubber – talk about being green! Such sole also provides better comfort and excellent traction. The lace up design is also wonderful and you can really see its difference compared to other similar products.

Everything is inside

Oh yes! The inside of this Patagonia Drifter A/c Lace Up is filled with all essential features and more!  I would want to command the breathability of these shoes. As expected, they are comfortable and cozy. They fit perfectly and my feet rested on the each foot bed snugly. It’s made with breathable air mesh nubuck leather upper and nubuck leather upper that keeps out dust and dirt. These shoes are also made with 20% recycled EVA foot bed that provides better foot support.

More on the foot and foot bed

The Bi-Fit polyurethane insole is completely waterproof and made out of 80% post-consumer recycled material – there’s a guarantee that your feet will be stabilized. The full toe box and medium arch/instep are two more factors that I should highlight. They keep the shoes fashionable and comfortable at the same time! Now that’s something ideal for a busy person like me who juggles work and hobby as a traveler. Not to mention you can use this on a daily basis lie for work or school since its design is pretty modern and versatile.

Where it can be improved

There really is no missing part with the Patagonia Drifter A/c Lace Up. I just wish its outmost construction is more waterproof. I used it once or a rainy day and I hate to say that the water was able to make its way to the inside of the shoes through the tongue. If you don’t want to have bath feet smell, be extra prepared on this aspect. Above all the Patagonia shoes deserves two thumbs up!

Product variation

Patagonia Fore Runner
Patagonia EVERmore
Patagonia Drifter A/C GORE-TEX Shoe



Final say

Versatile and sturdy – two factors that hiking shoes should have, but the Patagonia Drifter A/c Lace Up has more of it. No wonder why many consumers continue to praise and recommend this item. With a price of approximately £85, who would even say that this is not a good purchase? If you’re looking for hiking shoes or working shoes, or practically anything that you can use on a daily basis, better check this lace up pair! Its price is way too cheap compared to similar items that acquire similar features.


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