Paragliding Queenstown: Coronet Peak Tandems Review

Ever thought about putting Paragliding on your Gap Year to-do-list?

Queenstown, New Zealand is fantastic place for adventure sports and activities. There’s lots to choose from but most seem to opt for Sky Diving and Bungee. Have you properly considered Paragliding?

There’s a few companies that operate around Queenstown, and prices are near enough exactly the same. So how do you go about choosing a company to Paraglide with? Or better yet should you Paraglide in the first place?

I went along to experience Paragliding for the first time with Coronet Peak Tandems. It’s a surreal experience. Standing at the top of Coronet Peak, strapped to what is effectively a giant kite and running off a mountain! I hadn’t mentally prepared myself for it but it’s not something that you should worry about. You just listen carefully, run and keep going and suddenly you’re Paragliding!


Coronet Peak is such a great launch site. Flying above the ski field you get a birds eye view of all the skiers and snowboarders. The views from up there are stunning and it’s rather peaceful flying around above it all taking in the view of Lake Wakatipu and Lake Hayes.


The flight was rather scenic and just before we landed the pilot asked if I wanted to do a spiral. The experience was great; the drive up the mountain, the scenic views, when we flew through a cloud but the best part for me personally was the spiral. Swinging left and then pulling a hard right, we go into a spiral. The ground is spinning and blood rushes in my head as we pull 3G’s. I thought it was awesome. If I had known that the stunts we’re so good I would have asked for it earlier! Obviously, this is optional. If you just want a scenic flight then you can do just that.

Would I recommend Paragliding and does it offer value for money? I would certainly recommend Paragliding, and relative to other activities that you can do in New Zealand the price is good. As I mentioned before there are several companies that offer Paragliding from Queenstown so why go with Coronet Peak Tandems? The higher you launch from the longer your flight. Simple really. I had a brilliant experience, my pilot was friendly and explained everything. Picked up and dropped off from Queenstown. Simple, engaging and most importantly, fun!

Coronet Peak Tandems also do Hang Gliding during the summer. If you’ve done either or both, feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

This activity was sponsored by Coronet Peak Tandems.

  • Andi
    Posted at 22:36h, 19 August

    Fantastic! This is on my bucket list. I wanted to go in Rio, but ran out of time.

  • Angie
    Posted at 18:31h, 28 August

    Look what i’ve stumbled upon, your website 🙂 looking good.have u done hangliding? wonderin which is better cuz i’ve only done hanglidng. where r the rest of ur pictures from nz?

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