Outeredge Hydration Backpack Review

Study show that people who utilize waters bottles to hydrate themselves are not likely to stay hydrated than those that use hydration packs. Hydration bags are such a necessity when it comes to outdoor activities, constant rehydration of oneself is a must, but it never seems to be enough. The Outeredge Hydration Backpack is an indispensible accessory for all those outdoor sport enthusiasts. It’s almost like any other hydration pack, but more. The water bag is encased in a backpack that you can wear while on the go, stopping for water breaks is unnecessary since you can drink as you go. What makes it more is it holds up to 2 liters of water, enough for a long hiking trip ahead.


  • Holds up to 2 Liters of fluids
  • Elastic strap for holding your helmet or jacket
  • Side pockets ideal for change, phone or MP3
  • Completely modifiable padded straps to suit your activities

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Customer review

Other review

By: obelisk

I bought this item to use on runs and bike rides, its a really handy alternative to using a bottle. It also has practical little compartments to carry your phone/keys etc and even a light water proof top. the only thing i can fault it with is there is no whole for the drinking tube to come out of, it just comes out the zip. Not a big deal and for the money you cant complain. (Also there’s nothing stopping you making your own)over all….Good value!”

Final thoughts

If you feel thirsty then you are already dehydrated, when you’re into active sports then you know that thirst can mean you’re already losing strength as it is. The Outeredge Hydration Backpack is perfect for hiking, running, cycling or any other outdoor sport as it holds enough fluids to keep you well hydrated for an extended period. Ensure your comfort while you perform at your best when you’re outdoors, the Outeredge Hydration Backpack will keep you going for a long time. Check it out on Amazon for more info.

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