Osprey Waypoint 65, 80 & 85 Backpack – Osprey Bag Review

After the coolest and busiest summer in my life, which was last year when I visited 5 countries with my best friend, I realized that every single aspect of travelling matters a lot. I mean, you may think it’s just something you can skip, but once you got home, you’ll realize how big your mistake was. I’m talking about the packing aspect here, dear readers. Okay, so I’m guilty of not purchasing the right bag and thought that my roller luggage is enough. But I didn’t know that travelling to another country also means exploring every corner of it.

So, if you don’t want to end up spending a lot just for the sake of having a hiking bag, even if it’s not the proper one, better get yourself an Osprey Waypoint before travelling. Here’s why.

Osprey Waypoint 65 & 80 Backpack Review

Osprey Waypoint Bag

The bag itself

The main reason why I highly suggest Osprey Waypoint is because it comes with a removable daypack, so it will appear like you purchased 2 bags for the price of one. The daypack is basically attached to the main bag and it really looks like it’s one, big and spacious hiking and travelling bag. It is filled with properly positioned pockets and compartment areas. Zippers are all sturdy and you won’t have to deal with the Oh can you please just zip in scenario.

The main compartment has its own share of likable features. Inside are lockable pulls that keeps all your belongings intact. It also comes with vertical pocket zipper for easy access on the main pocket. Now that’s handy as you don’t have to reach the very top of the bag. There are also two carry handles – one on the side and one on top.

Straps and slots

Whether you’re up for a typical day trip or you’re going mountain trekking, the Osprey Waypoint rucksack will surely provide all your needs. It comes with laser cut attachment points on both sides for your gears and tools. The compression straps in front are quite useful at it ensures your bag doesn’t look bulky. Many users also command it for keeping the daypack well-positioned throughout the travel.

If you’re up for camping, you can make use of this backpack’s sleeping pad straps. They’re strong enough to hold your sleeping pads and you sure don’t have to deal with dirty pads that slipped off along the way. Beside the pad straps are ice ax loops that can also be utilized in many ways.


Some people don’t really give importance to this, but extra pockets are vital. Good thing the Osprey Waypoint rucksacks come with dual stretch woven side pockets. It also has gender specific, adjustable harness and an Egropull hipbelt. With these two features, you can wobble from side to side without feeling any discomfort from a wobbly backpack as it is perfectly attached to you.

Its AirScape suspension system will ensure spare you from back plain. Many users just love how the ridge-molded foam makes it comfortable to carry a heavy and full-packed rucksack. The LightWire alloy frame is responsible for making the suspension system sturdy and at the same time comfortable.

The missing part

just a little tip for you guys; if you plan to have a long travel, you might want to consider bringing another small bag aside from Osprey Waypoint especially if you’re carrying lots of items. This bag may be big enough to carry all your essentials but once you get it all filled up, the side pockets may be difficult to use because the main compartment presses too much on the pockets.

Osprey Waypoint Product Variations

Osprey Waypoint 85
Osprey Waypoint 65

Osprey Farpoint 70
Osprey Aether 85

Osprey Waypoint Reviews

Osprey-Waypoint-65-&-80-Backpack---review-1 Osprey-Waypoint-65-&-80-Backpack---review-2

So, is it great deal?

A big YES on that! The Osprey Waypoint may be a little expensive compared to other Osprey backpacks but it’s worth the investment. All specs and features make any voyage more comfortable and convenient. Furthermore, Waypoint also has something for offer for both men and women – what else will you ask for?


  • Angeli Yuson
    Posted at 23:11h, 17 January

    I got fitted for a Osprey Waypoint bag yesterday and i really liked the features of this travel bag.
    We are travelling for a year, but we aren’t camping or hiking so we are looking for a travel bag which we can get our stuff easily without going through the top.
    The 70L for women is up my alley and I am 5ft 1inch so it still looks huge for me but i think this is the way we are going to go.
    Just checking reviews before I go ahead. Cheers for your review

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