NS Associates Small UV Travel Centre Review

After a long wait – approximately 3 years – I can now take my son to his very first island hopping trip! My husband and I have been waiting for this and aside from planning, we’re also thinking of how to make the whole trip fun and at the same time comfortable for our 2 year old angel. A friend recommended the use of a baby travel protection tent or sometimes referred to as travel cot. It was a long search full of doubt when I finally decided to settle with NS Associates UV Travel Centre. It offers everything I need for my son, and more. The reviews and specs were the main reason why I purchased it, and good thing I did!

Product features

Everything at ease

I would love to command this product for being so easy to build and to clear away. It weighs only about 2.2kg and has a dimension of 36.6×36.2×15.8 cm. I’m telling you guys, this is the smallest travel cot your child could ever have – with more than the essential specifications! It’s portable and you can easily fold it in a disk shape and carry it around with its built in handles. For the flooring, it has a self-inflating pump which spares you from bringing a separate pump – talk about weight and space saver there! You also don’t have to deal with fiddly poles as it pops up by itself. From the mattress to the body, this NS Associates UV Travel Centre is safe for your children in terms of material usage.

In-depth specs

Of course, this item is not a typical travel playpen for your child, or an ordinary resting tent. The NS Associates UV Travel Centre provides up to SPF35 protection. This is perfect for all types of beach travels. You can now bring your child closer to the shore without worrying of him getting sunburn. I should also stress out that the inflatable mattress that’s included in every purchase of the tent can be used independently. I often let my child play on it during late afternoon when the sun’s already down. You also have a quilt mat that makes this item a great bargain! For overnight purposes, you can easily close the tent side panels and since it’s made from high quality materials, you don’t have to worry about zippers giving out.

Extra info

Generally speaking, the NS Associates UV Travel Centre is not your ordinary travel tent. It’s an award-winning, child-friendly travel equipment that every parent will surely love. It can be used on both cold and warm weather making it extra flexible. It is also available in a variety of colors.

Where it can be improved

I just have a minor concern as based on my experience. It’s pretty easy to pull out and the bag is obviously there to make the travelling at ease as well. However, I was disappointed with the instruction that come with every purchase of this. There’s no clear illustration on how I could get the item in shape-8 and the next steps to fold it neatly. But once you got it perfect, you can consider this as something way better than any travel cot.

Product variations

NS Associates Small UV Travel Centre
NS Associates Standard UV Travel Centre
NS Associates Deluxe UV Travel Centre


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Overall review

My son has used his very own NS Associates UV Travel Centre about 6 times already and so far, he’s very happy with it. I can’t see any sign of discomfort and having a couple of cuddly toys inside makes him happier. With a price of £80-£85, this is definitely worth purchasing.


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