The North Face Women’s Resolve Outdoor Jacket Review

Finding outdoor clothing for women is a bit of a challenge compared to men’s. I was up for a trip with my long-lost cousins when I realized we’ll be off to a cool environment and I don’t have the proper attire for the trip. Nevertheless, I can still say I’m on the lucky side because I had enough time to search through the internet and scout the malls for the ideal outdoor jacket.

The online reviews urged me to purchase The North Face Resolve Outdoor Jacket at the nearest mall. I went there with my cousin and the ending – she also bought her own! That’s how persuasive the product is! It doesn’t have the best deal in terms of prices but its quality and comfort when you try it on – now that’s the real deal.



Main specs

First off, it’s best to say that The North Face Resolve Outdoor Jacket has a standard fit that many outdoor jackets forget. I have purchased many outdoor jackets before that are my usual size but the moment I wear them, it’s either they’re too big and baggy or too small. Now that’s not a problem with this product. I also want to mention that the material used to create this master-piece is simply top quality. The inside is composed of a mesh lining for a high level of comfort. It is a perfect match for the overall material – nylon – which can get a little too warm sometimes.

The North Face Resolve Outdoor Jacket is also equipped with the HyVent technology. This is basically a three-layer system that compensates the material of the product. Its out most layer which makes the jacket waterproof is only one positive factor. It’s also composed of other inclusions which make the product sturdy and windproof.

All small aspects

Another factor I loved about this product is the fact that it is designed with all the essential aspects every outdoor jacket should have. I mean, there is nothing missing – literally. Its two pockets are plainly efficient and with it, you can still survive cold weather without gloves. Since this is a whole-year-season product, you can utilize it at any time of the wear, any weather and it amazingly adjusts to how the climate feels. The storable collar and hood comes in handy for active individuals like me. It also features a brushed chin guard for better comfort no matter how covered and sealed you are.

I’ve utilized the adjustable hood stows a billion times already and I can say, the material and built looks feels really great. There’s no worry that it might snap off anytime. Because The North Face Resolve Outdoor Jacket is a seam-soled jacket, you have nothing to fret about when it rains really hard.

Where it can be improved

One tiny point though, please bear in mind that this is an all-season product. On that note, it is designed to be able to deal with all different weather and climates. I once had a wrong impression with this when I used it on a cold winter night and still felt a bit cold while staying outside our house. Later on I realized this is no special product for cool weather. Not really an improvement point but this tip goes a long way.

Product variations

The North Face Osito Jacket
The North Face PFL Apex Bionic Jacket
The North Face Venture Jacket




Final say

With all the mentioned features above, I might consider that the rate of £75-£100 is one perfect deal. You can never find another product that comes from a well-known brand, with all the listed features and at the same time comes with a fashionable look. Of course, we ladies give importance to fashion also, and The North Face Women’s Resolve Outdoor Jacket is the perfect example to that.


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