North Face Torrent 4 Hydration Backpack Review

Vigorous travelling requires durable and convenient gears. This is where heavy duty and multi-purpose backpacks enter. If you are up for a long and intense travel or outdoor activity like hiking and trekking, you must get yourself the North Face Torrent 4 Hydration Backpack. It is a backpack that also handles your hydration needs. Here are its useful features:


-        It can help with your hydration needs but it isn’t as heavy to carry as the other hydration backpacks.

-        It has a comfortable harness to ensure security while you carry it.

-        It is a spacious backpack that has enough space for your essentials.

-        Its shoulder straps are comfortable and allow better fit.

-        Its vented back panel makes sure that you are comfortable as you carry your back.

-        Its webbing hip-belt adds to the stability.

-        It used a “doughnut” reservoir system that uses a hole in the center for better ventilation and to prevent bulging.

-        Its fleeced line pocket gives room to your phone or mp3 player.

-        Attachment poles and stash pockets are also featured in this hydration backpack for helmet and trekking poles.

North Face Torrent Products

North Face Torrent 4 Hydration Backpack Fig Green

North Face Torrent 4 Hydration Backpack TNF Black

Of all body needs, water should be on top of the list. You can control your eating habits but you can never sacrifice your hydration needs. This is why North Face Torrent 4 Hydration Backpack is very useful. It allows you to carry water with you but still makes sure that you are comfortable. It is a backpack that can cater to your storage needs and its hydration pack saves you a lot of space that big water bottles might consume.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to choose between different brands of backpacks and outdoor gears. But since North Face is a well trusted brand in the field of travel and outdoors, I can say that trusting this product is a good decision. North Face is known and used in many countries so we can be sure that it is a durable and convenient product that we will surely love. For more info on North Face Torrent 4 Hydration Backpack, please see it on Amazon.

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