My journey begins…

“I mused for a few moments on the question of which was worse, to lead a life so boring that you are easily enchanted, or a life so full of stimulus that you are easily bored.” – Bill Bryson.

Isn’t that a great travel quote? I would imagine that slaving away all week, living for the weekend, would adequately express the former, but what about the latter?

Ask any backpacker about travelling and you could be stuck for hours engrossed in their numerous tales of lazy sunsets or missing the weekly bus back to civilisation. You will always betray a subtle hint of jealousy as you listen intently, wishing you could do and see these things for yourself. Green really isn’t my colour, so I thought I should try them out for myself.

I have spent hours with my nose buried in travel guides, perusing blogs and gazing at my giant wall map, dreaming of the possibilities. So many places to go, people to see and law enforcements to avoid. My time has finally come.

One year, three continents, ten countries and over 30,000 miles. The opportunity of a life time, one in which I’ll make every one of the 31,536,000 seconds I am away count. I’m sure as I stand in Heathrow on the 7th September 2009, the realisation will sink in of the magnitude of the journey I am about to begin, especially on my own!

Still I can’t wait to leave. I’ll watch sunsets in Fiji, ride an elephant in Malaysia, spot the stars in LA, swim with sharks in Australia, jump out of planes in New Zealand and, of course, avoid the ladyboys in Thailand. Best of all, I’ll do it with a smile on my face having the best time of my life. At least I hope so! Things rarely go according to plan, but fingers crossed that will make the trip all the more memorable. Either way I’ll be keeping you posted how I get on. Until next time…

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