Montis Trek Trekking Backpack Review

Getting a back pack is not an easy task, especially if you have an idea what a backpack goes through. Considering the fact that a rucksack carries the burden of all your baggage, protects your things from damage, and secures your body while carrying it, the backpack that you should choose must be durable, well made, and stable. Here is one backpack that I thought you should consider, the Montis Trek 60+10, Trekking Back-Pack.

Montis Trek 60+10, Trekking Back-Pack, 70 L, 80x34 cm, 2350 g


Montis Trek can carry a maximum volume of 70 litres. That is more than enough space actually, so it is perfect for long travels and active trekking. The weight of Montis Trek is 2350 grams, not exactly a lightweight backpack so you are rest assured that it is a thick and durable one. If you are looking to buy a backpack for long usage, Montis Trek is a good option. It is 80 cm tall and 34 cm wide, just a perfect fit for anybody. Its back is also height adjustable.

It is also designed to have ventilation along the back to avoid sticky back and to ensure that there is enough air flowing in between the backpack and your back. If you are concerned about the pockets included, there is no need to worry because there are lots of it in Montis Trek. It has two small pockets on the side, two large pockets also on the side, two pockets on the top, bottom compartment that opens separately, another base compartment that keeps the rain cover, and a long compartment that is parallel to the back

It has top straps for the compression of the baggage, side straps, base straps, front straps, and front Velcro straps. All these are designed to make sure that your backpack is tightly carried. If you constantly go for a travel or for a trek, you should make sure that you choose a backpack with many straps or with few stable ones. You wouldn’t want to get controlled by your bag while hiking. What you want is your bag to follow your body’s motion. If your bag is not hugging your body tightly, your bag will go left as you go right and vice versa. So make sure to securely strap your bag to your body.

Montis Trek 60+10, Trekking Back-Pack, 70 L, 80x34 cm, 2350 g

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Final Thoughts

Montis Trek 60+10, Trekking Back-Pack has a colour of three shades of blue, the base is black and the straps are coloured black and silver. So if you want a very durable backpack for a very active travel routine, go for Montis Trek. Check it out on Amazon for more info.

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