Montis Salmon Review

If you are looking for a new backpack or trying to get your first one, there are many things that you need to consider. First, you should be very specific with the capacity of the backpack you need, you should know what the purpose of your backpack is (hiking, or simple baggage carrier), and of course the added features that you think you could really use. So to give you an option for a backpack brand, here is a short overview of Montis Salmon Tour Backpack.

Montis Salmon 95, Tour Back-Pack, 95 L, 92x35 cm, 2200 g

Product Features

Montis Salmon 95, Tour Back-Pack is a trekking backpack with adjustable back system. Meaning, you can adjust it to fit your height. It is really recommended for any body size. You can lend it to your brother or sister because it fits almost anybody.

Furthermore, it is also important to know the structure of a backpack to know whether it will last or not. And considering the fact that a backpack undergoes a lot of actions when travelling and even more when trekking, you should really get yourself the most durable one. So going back to the Montis Salmon, its structure uses aluminium poles so it is really rigid. It won’t become floppy so soon.

If you intend to do active walking or stuffs like that, you should also consider the straps included in a backpack. You want your backpack to be stable when carried on your back and not loosely slide on your shoulders and swing from side to side. With Montis Salmon, It includes wide straps for added stability. So you are sure that it would hug your body tight while you do your think in walking or maybe hiking.

Now if you are also a very organized person when it comes to packing your things, you will love this Montis Salmon backpack. It has lots of compartments so you can separate each of your things. Just designate your stuffs to each of the compartment of the backpack so you won’t have trouble digging through your clothes when searching for your keys.

Montis Salmon also includes rain cover in case of unexpected rain. It is made with compact foam cushion to ensure comfort to you and safety to your baggage. It wicks perspiration and compatible with a hydration pack which is not included. It also features a rear ventilation effect to make sure that there is an air circulation next to the back part. You don’t want to share your sweat to your backpack, so its good that Montis Salmon actually allows air to flow well between the bag and your back.

If you are more interested with the pockets included, yes I also know how important pockets are, Montis Salmon has 2 large pockets on the side, a top pocket, an interior net pocket, a bottom compartment that has the rain cover, and one interior compartment that is located at the back.

Montis Salmon 95, Tour Back-Pack, 95 L, 92x35 cm, 2200 g

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Montis Salmon 95, Tour Back-Pack, 95 L, 92×35 cm, 2200 g

Montis Salmon 75, Tour Back-Pack, 75 L, 80×33 cm, 1990 g

MONTIS AIRZONE 22, sports and bike backpack, 22 l, 50 x 30 cm, 900 g

Final Thoughts

Basically, Montis Salmon 95, Tour Back-Pack has everything that you need. If not, browse through my other reviews. But I really do think that Montis Salmon is enough to provide you with what you need in a rucksack. Get more info from Amazon.

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